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YourTexasBenefits is an online platform by Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The portal is designed to help state residents access Medicaid, Apply and manage the SNAP food program, Tan-F cash, and The Children’s Health Program Insurence. 

How to Register Your Texas Benefits

Here’s a step-by-step application.

  • First, go to account.
  • Click on the “apply for benefits” option.
  • Choose all benefits you need and proceed to apply. The benefits are numerous, like health savings, medicare savings, and women’s health programs. So pick the one you need most. 
  • Then click on the “Apply now” button to create your Texas Benefits account registration.
  • That’s all for signing up for your account. Now you can log in to your Texas benefits account for other services.

How to Log in to YourTexasBenefits

To access Your Texas Benefits services, you can log in by going to, hovering over the top right corner, and clicking the login option.


Enter your account username and password, then click the login button.

How to Reset/ Recover Your Texas Benefits Account Details

Have you forgotten your Texas benefits login details? The steps below will help you recover your password or username. 

How to Reset Your Texas Benefits Password

You can recover your Texas benefit password by following easy steps if you have forgotten it.

  • Open here the login page on the portal.
  • Then click on the forgot password option below the login button.
  • Now fill in your account username and click the next button to create a new password.

How to Reset Your Username

To successfully reset your Texas benefits username, follow these steps.

  • To the login page, select the forgot your username? Link. 
  • Then fill in your details, like your name, address, EDG, etc.
  • Then click the Find your username button and proceed with instructions to change your username. 

Eligibilities of Your Texas Benefits

To qualify for your Texas benefits is simple. You can follow similar steps if eligible for TANF, SNAP, or Medicaid. But if you’re not yet in the program, you can still enroll through the WIC option under family guidelines.

  • It would be best if you were a legal US citizen residing in Texas.
  • You must have a child who’s 18 years or below. It would be best if yIn addition, you were underemployed to be eligible for all benefits.

For better clarification on eligibility, visit the office of WIC near you in person. Once you have scheduled an appointment, you’ll be health-checked by a nutritionist to determine your eligibility. 

WIC will weigh you, test and monitor the iron level in each family member and treat nutritional health conditions.

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The Benefits of YourTexasBenefits

Your Texas Benefits is a compensation scheme sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture to help families in dire need of food and basic health needs. You can be given a one-time voucher of $285 in exchange for an EBT(Electronic Benefits Transfer) card to shop in any Texan store that accepts the card. 

Among the eligible people are those with children under 21 who were approved for free or meals with subsidized prices. You also qualify if your children attend schools that do not obtain free meals through the commission on my Texas benefits. You can check these benefits under community benefits on the website.

Additionally, also HISD applicants are eligible for the program’s P-EBT benefits. They include; homeless youths, migrant teens, refugee youths, youth nurses, and Head Start employees.

Below are the advantages of enrolling in Your Texas Benefits;

  • SNAP Food. Through the program, people whose income cannot sustain feeding themselves regularly will get a boost through Snap Food.
  • TANF(Temporary Assistance For Needy Families) Cash. Your Texas Benefits offers money to you for purchases and necessary basic shopping. However, you’re not allowed to purchase tobacco products. Also, the conditions of the family will be evaluated before acceptance.
  • Health care. The benefits cover health care requirements, including doctor appointments, dentists, and their recommended medicines. 
  • WIC Food. The program helps expecting mothers get nutritious food that unborn babies need.

Your Texas Benefits Customer Support contacts

If you experience difficulties when using Your Texas Benefits platform, you can reach out for help through the following contacts.

Toll-free Phone: 8002528263, 211, 8775417905


FAQs for Yourtexasbenefits

How do I renew my grocery coupon

To renew your food label, you must submit your application before the end of the certification period, which is six months. Also, you can use Your Texas Benefits online account to renew benefits. 

How do I get a community partner ID?

You can get it on account or visit your local support center for guidance.

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