www.worldometers.info – Live Updates and Statistics on Coronavirus Cases, Death report country wise


Worldometer is undoubted an amazing website that is run by engineers and researchers. The goal of the Worldometer is to provide live statistics available to everyone. A feature has been added by the website recently dedicated to Novel Coronavirus.

The website has and an amazing dashboard and all the data about live statistics of the virus, data visualizations and the website uploads all the latest updates on coronavirus.

Coronavirus Reported Cases- 8,76,744

Deaths by Coronavirus- 43,533

Recovered Cases- 1,84.965

www.worldometers.info - Live Updates and Statistics on Coronavirus Cases, Death report country wise

Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country

The Novel coronavirus has already infected 203 countries and territories all around the world. Along with this, the virus has also affected 2 Internation conveyances that are Holland America’s MS Zaandam and Diamond Princess cruise ships.

If you scroll down on the Worldometer then you will be able to find all the latest statistics of the number of confirmed cases, new cases, active cases, deaths, new deaths, and the number of recovered cases. The website updates all this information on their website every day. This is of great use if you want to check how the virus is spreading globally. It has two categories.

Active Cases

  • Mild Condition- 6,14,548
  • Currently Infected- 6,48,246
  • Critical Cases- 33,698

Closed Cases

  • Recovered Cases- 1,84,965
  • Cases With Outcomes- 2,28,498
  • Deaths- 43,533

www.worldometers.info - Live Updates and Statistics on Coronavirus Cases, Death report country wise

There is also another section on the website where you can find a live feed of updates. In that section, you can find alerts of new cases and deaths, as well as it shows new travel warnings. This is very useful for people who have to travel or anyone in their friends and family is traveling.

  1. There are 157 new cases and 4 new deaths reported in Norway
  2. In Germany, new cases have risen to 1409 and the new death toll is 27
  3. 1 death is reported in Bulgaria and 1409 cases have been confirmed.
  4. New cases and new deaths in Mali is 13 and 1 respectively
  5. Uzbekistan has also reported 1 new case
  6. 21 new cases and death happened in Morocco.
  7. Croatia has reported 96 new cases.
  8. 3 new cases in Sri Lanka are also reported.
  9. New 40 Cases in Camroon.
  10. Albania has reported new 16 cases.
  11. Iran has shown an exponential increase and 2988 new cases are reported along with 138 new deaths.
  12. The spread of virus is Spain is also increasing very fast the new cases reported are 6213 and the number of new deaths is 589.

Details on Cases

The website offers a new section where you can find all the details of the cases. The section includes several cases increasing daily, it also shows the growth factor. The section has also all the statistics about cases distributed outside of China. To know about this, click on the ‘Cases’ which is present on the navigation bar.

Details on Deaths

The section of Details of death is mostly similar to details of cases. This section provides all the details on deaths like what are the number of new deaths reported and all the related information. To access this you have to click on ‘Deaths’ in the navigation bar.

More Features of Worldometer

The navigation bar on the website ahs many more options like ‘Incubation’, ‘Age’. ‘Countries’, and ‘Opinions’. The link to the website is www.worlometers.info.



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