www.Lowes.com/Survey – Lowe’s Survey Feedback Win $500 Cash

www.Lowes.com/Survey: By the looks of it, Lowe’s is one of the significant retail stores across the US and several regions of Mexico and Canada. The company was founded in 1946 by two notable people, Lucius Smith Lowe and Carl Buchan. Currently, there are more than 2,300 hardware stores. Moreover, the company is regarded as the second most massive hardware chain in the US and incorporates over 310,000 employees.

Recently, Lowe’s revealed that it is surveying its customers. The survey would allow Lowe to gain most of the information from the customers. Differences in the customers’ opinions would help the company improve its services. You will find the essential things to take part in the survey.


How to enter the survey conducted by Lowe’s?

Lowe’s will allow you to win around $300 every month if you, as participants, answer a few honest questions regarding Lowe’s products. In addition, you need to keep visiting the Lowe’s store to be able to participate in the survey constantly.

There are two distinctive ways by which you can provide your valuable feedback to Lowe’s:

  1. Online Method
  2. Conventional Mail Method

Online Method:

To participate in the online method, the potential candidates need a cash receipt from a recent purchase at one of Lowe’s stores.

  • First, you must visit Lowe’s official survey website – www.lowes.com/survey.
  • Next, choose the language of your preference, either Spanish or English.
  • Then, write the time format in advance in the hours & minutes form to verify your purchase.
  • Remember that the cast receipt comprises the exact time of your recent purchase.
  • Then enter the right amount of the recent purchase alongside the receipt ID.
  • You will have to answer the questions appearing directly on the screen. Moreover, you also have to share the experience you had at the Lowe’s store.
  • Provide all the personal details to complete the survey.

Vail Mail:

You can also complete the survey of Lowe’s Guest via the in-mail entry method: Follow the steps listed below:

  • Get hold of a postcard and then write the mailing address, name, phone number, and email address.
  • In the next step, mail it to the address provided on the official Lowe’s store’s website.
  • Provide all the details that you’ve already written on the postcard.


How to get the free $500 gift card from Lowe?

The participants have a golden opportunity to win a gift coupon from Lowe. The coupon is worth around $500. In addition, as participants, you have the liberty of choosing some of the sponsor offers.

Once you have honestly completed the survey, you’ll get a gift card of around $500.

Rules of the survey

  • You at least have to be 18 years of age to participate in the survey.
  • Canada, the USA, and DC residents can participate.
  • Possess the cash receipt to begin with the survey.
  • Provide all the details.
  • Each participant can receive only one gift coupon per house during the sweepstakes period.
  • You’ve to complete the survey within ten days of the recent purchase at Lowe’s.
  • Once the entry limit is exceeded, the entries will not be considered anymore.
  • Lowe’s will select the winners randomly.
  • Participants must keep up with the drawing dates to know the winners’ names.
  • Winners must notify Lowe’s by responding just days after the announcement.

64 thoughts on “www.Lowes.com/Survey – Lowe’s Survey Feedback Win $500 Cash”

  1. At the Lowes in Greer SC #0667, I’m wanting to recognize Andrea who’s the cashier at the outside lawn & garden. She’s a 5 star employee, greets me with a smile with a hello and when I check out a nice conversation. I’m hoping she’s working each time I visit Lowes.

  2. Just a thank you for employee Jeremy S. in the flooring department at the Tucson, receipt # 052531 170720 699909). Jeremy was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I’m scheduled for in home flooring consult this month.

  3. Was at store in Baytown in the patio area Kimberly (10) was so helpful throughout my visit and she had excellent service. Actually she helped me through my checkout process as well. Thank you Kimberly

  4. After reading the above comments, I’m sorry to have to write my comment but I was instructed to by the very nice cashier as I was leaving the store.
    I was at store #1739 in Lake In the Hills, ILL, we shop there often. we went this time to purchase carpeting for two bedrooms in our home. When we got to the flooring area I asked for someone to help us. The person I asked was very nice but told me she needed to get someone familiar with flooring. She then called someone to help us. We waited, and waited, and waited, after 15 minutes I aske for help again. This time I was tole by the lady who called for help the first time that the flooring person had gone home. The problem is we were left waiting for about 20 minutes before we were told that there was no one there to help us.

  5. I have tried to do the survey and it tells me was already finished and I haven’t put any information in. I tried many times with the same results,

  6. At the Lowes in Southfield on Telegraph, employee Clinton (10)was so helpful. He was patient with me and went out his way to stop what he was doing and help me find everything I was looking for. I really appreciate that as a customer. One of my best experiences at Lowes. Thank you.

  7. Store491, Date 3-20-2021, Time13;41;27, ID#973597 049160 793083
    Had a wonderful cashier today at Lowe’s in garden section her name was Peaches. She was helpful in finding what my husband and I were looking for, quick, smiling, really enjoying her job. This is not what we usually find in other stores (not Lowe’s) but other garden stores. I will be back at Lowe’s and hopefully she will be there when I get there.

  8. Fairfield, CA. Lousy service as usual on weekends and off hours. Told checkout person there were no bags to put nuts/bolts in and the pen did not work to write skew #. She said ‘did you think to take photo with your phone’. I said ‘did you think the person in charge of that dept could do there effin job?’
    One of the people helping me load lumber wreaked from pot…he was useless…or as one one person said ‘I don’t get paid enough to give a…

  9. I visited the Washington, PA store on March 18th, 2021 at 6:15pm according to my receipt.
    Store # 671; ID#074466 067120 776695
    I needed several items throughout the store and I was fortunate enough to meet a young man named ROCKY who took me directly to each department, explained the product choices, and was very patient with me. Being an elderly shopper, his help was invaluable as it minimized my walking all over the store. Due to his expert explanation of the products, he sold me almost $150 worth of merchandise! Saved me time and money and he was truly very helpful and kind. The one negative thing about my visit: A couple of times, another store employee kept interrupting Rocky to remind him to do something and the way he said it was very demeaning. Talking to Rocky that way was inappropriate in front of a customer and was not a respectful way to even talk to a co-employee. I hope you can convey to ROCK that he did an outstanding job – he represents Lowe’s very well and should be recognized for his great customer service! Thank you from a very satisfied customer!

  10. I’m writing about the excellent service that I received yesterday from 2 Lowe’s employees at the store located 4625 W. Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas, Nevada. The employees are Marcus and Tyler. I’m 75 years old and was shopping in the Wood Stains and the Tools department. Both of these employees were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their areas in the store. They were polite and not condescending. These are the kind of people who we need more of. I just had to write because I was totally satisfied with my shopping experience.

  11. I received help loading stuff into my vehicle from Tracy. He was collecting the cart for loews and stop to help me get settle in my car. He was very helpful and very polite. Good job hiring a great person.

  12. Received excellent help from Brent at the Lowe’s in Spanish fork utah . He was kind and at the end of his shift. He took the time to help me even though he was past his time to leave or the day..
    Thank you Brent and Lowe’s.

  13. Received superb service from Kyle Murphy. I give him a ten. He is always the most helpful and polite person in the Siloam store!

  14. Service was great from Fidel, however when I called(6) times to check on my delivery of a washer, the phone rang twelve times and then a busy signal, very irritating. There is no customer service in the Haines City Fl store.

  15. The best service I got was from Deborah in the appliance department that helped order my oven for my new rebuild house.She was awesome and fast and very courteous

  16. I would like to recommend Richards (PVC pipes and fixtures) Nahum ( outdoor furniture) and Angie at checkout at the Lowe’s store 2225 Otay Lakes Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91915 for exceptional customer service.

  17. I have three larger transactions I did the survey for two but won’t let me do all three. I feel I should be able to do all three receipts especially considering they were all different days and for over three hundred dollars each time. Total make over from sub floor to ceiling new light fixtures and all.

  18. Chase @ Dulles Crossing Plaza was an outstanding help for me in the patio area including helping me at the register to make sure check-out had the correct delivery date.

  19. Jada at Lowe’s store 1715 in the tool world was very very helpful I was lost about the tools i needed for a project my wife tasked me to do and she helped me with all the tools I needed

  20. supposed to go to www lowes com survey an enter ID off of recent store visits sales receipt for a chance to win $500 and all thats happening is the website wants my age and personal info and sell me something?

  21. Great experience at this store. I do not see a name on my receipt but just a number. Store 2993 in Jonesborough, TN. Salesman 2511545 was knowledgeable, courteous and polite. Smooth transaction.

  22. I received excellent customer service from Shane in the paint department at the Lowes in Columbus, GA. Shane was very helpful with questions about what kind of paint was best for us to purchase. He was very knowledgeable about his area of work and what I liked most about Shane he did not make me seem like I was getting on his nerves with all my questions. Thank you Shane for your excellent customer service!!

  23. Nicole and Eric customer services was curious, transparent and both innovated together in solving all my problems and questions . Excellent Customers Services , Nicole and Eric you ROCK!!! #Store 1681 Terminal 37 Id# 372131 168121 007579

  24. I was at Lowe’s yesterday April 14, 2021. I was in the garden section, and I needed help. All of my questions were answered by Lisa. Very friendly. It was nice encountering someone who really enjoys their job. I have never bothered filling out a survey before. I really wanted to give a shout out for Lisa.

  25. Lowe’s in Barbourville Kentucky the check out girl was very nice, ask for help to load up, no one show , 2 guys come out the door about 10 minutes and never ask if we needed help,

  26. We had excellent service at the Lowe’s in Republic, MO. #2314. 04/16/21. We had to return a part that wasn’t needed and our cashier was very professionally. Also, Claire Stafford in the lawn and garden section was very helpful to us. Great store!

  27. We frequent Lowe’s often but needed one mire plant for our project. Our regular Lowe’s was out so we went to Auburndale FLVS Lowe’s. I just want to say that Bill in the garden depot did an excellent job ensuring that I didn’t put any plants in my purse. I counted 5 different times that I’d look up and he was staring then turn away when I saw him. After the 5th time, I showed my husband. After he saw both of us looking at him, he asked if we needed help. He was far enough away that, he shouldn’t have heard our convo… Excellent lost prevention 🤦🏽‍♀️

  28. A few weeks ago, my husband and I purchased over 1200 sq ft of flooring for our home. I wanted to replace the carpet on the stairs and have it match/blend with the new floor. Jay, in the Easton, PA store is my guardian angle. She worked me for over an hour offering her expertise, patience and genuine caring. My staircase is now the “showpiece” of the entire project! JAY, I cannot thank you enough!

  29. Today I had spoken with Dave Jenkins store mgr Menifee ca location Re:a purchase warranty issue, as always Dave was very polite and helpful. he referred me to appliance mgr. Glen whom was just as polite and helpful. I want to thank them both for the professional and gentlemen like way that they treated me and my issue. of course my issue was resolved and I hobbled away with a smile on my face. My family and I will continue to do business with Lowes and as always very satisfied!
    thank you J. Mizzi

  30. 11:17:16 ID#096311 258371 175858.
    Initially, I was told I could not be helped until that evening with pick-up being next day.
    Erika and Victor were totally wonderful! We were in a complete bind … needed tiles to complete our beautiful outdoor patio that day. Erika said, “You found the right people!” Within 20 minutes, she and Victor had removed tiles from up on top of their highest racks and delivered them (5 boxes Saltillo Red Tile) to my car outside!
    My goodness! You have wonderful employees in these two people.
    Many thanks! Pam Smith 714-747-8800.

  31. Sara Feasel was wonderful, professional, friendly, patient, and informative in the appliance dept. in store #0562 in Saginaw. She is the reason I bought 4 appliances from Lowe’s and on a day I knew she was working. Your score is a 10+ for customer service.

  32. Zaniya in the self check out was very nice. She was professional and demonstrated amazing customer service.
    Good for Lowes Carrollton

  33. I recieved great customer service at Lowes in Grand Junction from Nathan and Robert! They made my husband and I like we were valued!!

  34. Nora in the check out department was extremely helpful and kind when I needed help with purchasing She went above and beyond good service. Highway 64
    Lowes Store

  35. I visited Lowes in Buckhannon WV June 3 2021 and Steve in Tools was so helpful, very professional and courteous. Even though Lowes did not have the item I was looking for it was a very pleasant experience. Lowes needs more employees like Steve

  36. On 6/27/21 At 8:20 AM, I called Lowe’s in Bethlehem and the person who picked up the phone said Thank you for calling Lowes please hold. I did not get a hello and was on hold for eight minutes and 43 seconds for customer service. So Rude!!!!
    I hung up and called back and connected to the pro desk. Same thing… Thank you for calling Lowes please hold. No hello. Your put on hold so fast you don’t have time to speak! This time I was on hold for over 15 minutes. When she finally answered I let her know that I was on hold for 15 minutes and she says “sorry we are busy, what can I help you with?” I let her know what I was looking for and she says that they do not carry them.
    I then call the number to place an order online. The gentleman Isaiah was quite helpful, very kind and we went through the whole transaction to find out that not all of my items are in stock but they have 8 at the Bethlehem store. Isaiah would place the partial order and I could pick it up along with the rest of the order at Bethlehem store. I was told by the girl who doesn’t say hello on the phone at the Bethlehem store that they did not carry them. So I spent hours trying to order something that I was originally told they did not carry, Then to find out they do carry it.
    Isaiah at online store, (Great Customer Service) had glitch in the system and he tried very hard to fix it but system would not record the payment info to complete the order. He even got his mgr, but system was not cooperating! I was treated very well by Isaiah so I was not upset for the inconvenience. It was not his fault! So I now drive to the Bethlehem store, asked for mgr , explained my situation and was helped by Vicky and Renee who actually care, along with Isaiah. Unlike the girl who answered the phone doesn’t give two craps. They definitely need to train their customer service agents. She obviously did not want to take the time and I felt that!!!! So I spent hours and all morning trying to get what I wanted, when if she would have cared and known her job I could have just gone to the store in the first place and not wasted all these hours on the situation. My time is just as important as your time and she needs to get her act together!
    Unfortunately she didn’t give me her name but with the time, the date and the location you can locate who this non-caring customer service representative was. Listen to the recording you can hear at all for yourself!
    Once again Isaiah, online ordering was fantastic!
    Also Vicky and Renee at the Bethlehem store were quite helpful and caring also.

    Thank you,
    Tami Howard

  37. Carlos Melton was very nice and respectful and most definitely a hard worker we appreciate him a lot for helping us most definitely a 10/10 worker !

  38. My first time at Lowe’s Deltona and I must say it was refreshing to meet Laremy N. He was polite, knowledgeable and so friendly. I purchased a dryer and needed other appliances which were not in stock but he suggested going online to make my purchases. Gave me full item numbers so I purchased all the right attachments. I wish there were more Laremy’s in this world to make our life more easy and pleasant.
    Thank you Laremy N.

  39. At the Lowe’s Lilburn location, a gentleman by the name Trevor did an excellent job helping me pick out my exterior doors for my home. He was very knowledgeable and very patient. It’s hard to find good customer service nowadays, but he was exceptional. I would love to meet more people with his customer service skills and with such a great attitude!! Thank you Trevor!!!

  40. I shopped at Port Orange Lowe’s today and was served by Dave B. In the Garden Center. He was very knowledgeable about the plants I was buying and provided advice on planting and care. I appreciate good customer service with a positive attitude and Dave filled the bill on that one! Thank You.

  41. I had a wonderful experience with Pree at the Gunbarrel Road Lowe’s in Chattanooga. She was knowledgeable, helpful and professional even with lots of customers in line and wanting her attention. A positive attitude and exceptional customer service are in short supply these days but Pree had both. Many thanks Pree!

  42. Store #687 in Richmond area
    Came in store a gentleman walked up offered help, he had great patience and knew store and every product I needed, he was excellent and his name was Tanner. Store at 4401 pouncey tract rd glen allen va

  43. Good afternoon,

    Store#631-Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie, Maryland

    We came into your store Saturday afternoon. It was such a good . We have never had before.
    1st We went over to the kitchen cabinet and met with Lynn. She was great.
    2nd we met Robin on we were just walking in the bathroom cabinet are and she can I help you.
    It took me buy surprise. No one never had anyone ask us if we need help. Most of the time you are looking for someone help you.

    It was such a pleasure coming into the Lowe’s Saturday.

    Have a great day.

  44. Hello,

    I was in the Denver NC store (2636) and worked with Anna in the appliance area. She was fantastic in helping me work on an issue I was having with my extended warranty. She was extremely conscientious and thorough and worked through many different systems and vendors to help resolve the issue. She should be recognized for her outstanding Customer Service. Thanks again Anna.

  45. We have been very impressed with brain bergquist at the Longview wa store has been very helpful to us all over the store always friendly and knowledgeable

  46. Store # 2598 Van Buren, AR. Sulliman and Phil have been very helpful to us with flooring and storm door needs. Impressed with how knowledgeable they are and their efficiency.
    I was hoping to fill our an evaluation or leave ratings but all I’m finding is requests for entry in a contest. Try making a feedback form that is easy to access and simple. Lowes employees are great. Website not so great I guess:)

  47. 539553 155462 560392
    Reed at the Grand Junction CO. store was extremely helpful in getting my military info back in the system after it was deleted when i opened a Pro card. Thanks Reed!


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