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Sometimes we have messages, data, photos, or videos on our phones,,, and we want to feed them into our PCs. Unfortunately, connecting your Phone to your PC with multiple cables is hectic and time-consuming. But if you are a Windows PC user, we have some good news. 

With aka.ms/yourpc, you can easily link your Phone with your Windows PC. Then, following a few steps, you can access all the information and data, directly through your PC, like photos, notifications, applications, and more of your Phone. 

aka.ms/yourpc allows you to mirror phones of several brands,,, including Samsung, Windows, and many more. However, to access all the features of aka.ms/yourpc, you need to know about a bunch of things and follow a certain procedure. So, if you are a Windows PC user,rticle completely. We bet,,, your time will be worth it as it will make your life 10x easier. 

What Is Your Phone Companion Application? 

Your Phone Companion Application

Your Phone Companion app,,, aka.ms/yourpc is one of the widely used Windows phone companions that allows users to bridge the gaps between their smartphones and PC. It is a boon to Windows users who want to keep their smartphone data at their PC’s fingertip. 

So, how to use this application, and what are its requirements? Here is all we know. 

System Requirements To Use Your Phone Companion Application

Before you install the application on your device, you must make sure that it meets the following requirements – 

  • The device must have Android 7.0 (Nougat) or above. 
  • The PC you want to link your device must have Windows 10 (with the May 2019 update) or a high version of Windows. 
  • Your smartphone and PC must be connected to the same Wi-Fi Network. 

Make sure that your devices meet all these requirements so that you can enjoy the best experience using the application. 

How To Link Your Devices Through Your Phone Companion Application? 

Did your device meet all the requirements? Well, then,, what’s the wait? Let’s connect them. To start with, turn on your smartphone and PC and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network. Done? You are fast!! Now follow these easy steps – 

If You Are Doing It On Your PC 


  • Turn on your PC and head to the search box. 
  • Now, search “Phone Link” and hit on the Phone Link app. 
  • If you are not logged in,, simply log in through your Microsoft account. 
  • Install and open the Link to Windows mobile apk on your smartphone. Now, open a browser on your Phone and enter the Link given on your desktop. 
  • Next, log into the phone app with the Microsoft account you used while logging into your PC. 
  • Now, head to your PC head to your PC once you have logged inselect the “I have the Link to Windows app ready” and hit the “Pair with QR Code” option. 
  • Next, wait until a QR Code appears on your PC’s screen. 
  • Hit the “Link Your Phone” and PC options on your smartphone. 
  • Then, the system will ask you – is the QR Code on your PC? Finally, hit the “Continue” button. 
  • Now, the system will ask you for approval for the application to access your Phone’s camera. After you allow it, use your Phone to scan the QR Code on your PC. 

After you are done, the device may ask for more permissions. Don’t worry this application is completely safe. So you can give all the required permissions. 

Once you have done all this correctly, you are good to go. Then, head back to your PC to access your Phone completely. 

How To Add Another Android Device? 


Want to add multiple devices? Here are the easy steps to do it – 

  • Download and open the “Link to Windows” application. 
  • Follow the steps mentioned above to open the QR Code on your PC. 
  • Scan the QR Code through your Phone’s camera. 
  • Hit on “Allow” for all the permissions required. 
  • You are good to go now. You can access all the details of your Phone through your PC.


So, this was our article on connecting your smartphone with your Windows device in a few simple steps. Stuck with any issues? Connect down below; we will try to resolve it. 

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