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World’s richest ever tennis player has net worth four times bigger than Roger Federer

If you were to guess who the wealthiest former tennis player is, Ion Tiriac is not likely to be a name which comes to you straight away.

However, the fortune of the 82 year-old is more than four times that of Roger Federer (20-time Grand Slam champion).

The Romanian only won around £200,000 during his playing days, the highlight of which was a doubles success at the 1970 French Open alongside Ilie Nastase.

But he proved himself a savvy businessman and made a string of good investment decisions which saw him turn that cash into a fortune believed to be around £1.5bn.

His first steps upon retiring were to become a coach, having worked with Boris Becker, Nastase, and others in his youth.

Ion Tiriac in action representing Romania in the Davis Cup and Wimbledon in August 1969.
Ion Tiriac, representing Romania in the Davis Cup or Wimbledon in August 1969.

Tiriac’s real impact in the sport was his work to help it grow to a bigger audience, pioneering professional tournaments in cities across Europe and still owning the ATP Madrid Open today.

However, the biggest money-making ventures of Tiriac were outside of tennis and at the end o the Cold War.

He used the fall of communism to open the first privately-owned bank in his country, the Tiriac. It has been a great financial success.

What do you think is perhaps the greatest men’s player in tennis? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

Ion Tiriac was also the president of the Romanian Olympic Committee at the turn of the millennium.
Ion Tiriac also served as president of the Romanian Olympic Committee during the new millennium.

Under the company Tiriac Holdings Ltd, he has since branched out into retail, insurance and airline businesses and by 2007 had been named by Forbes as Romania’s first billionaire.

His net worth today is vastly greater than Federer’s, and is among the most valuable sportsmen alive. He also ranks alongside Vince McMahon, the WWE boss, and basketball legend Michael Jordan.

What do you do with all this money?

As well as his own private jet – which he can fly himself as a qualified pilot – Tiriac owns a giant luxury apartment complex in the Romanian capital Bucharest which also contains one of the country’s most elite and exclusive country clubs.

World's richest ever tennis player has net worth four times bigger than Roger Federer

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His collection includes both classics older than 100 years and modern supercars.

He is thought to be the only person who has two Rolls-Royce Phantom IVs.

Tiriac, now 82 years old, has three children and was elected into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

World's richest ever tennis player has net worth four times bigger than Roger Federer
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