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Woman’s £7.99 Aldi hack banishes spiders from your home without killing them

Spider mating season is truly upon us.

The eight-legged pests will be more comfortable in our homes with the arrival of Autumn.

Spiders are a very undesirable tenant for many people. Many choose to scoop up or squish the spiders.

TikTok user @egginabun discovered a TikTok gadget that captures spiders and doesn’t cause them any harm.

TikToker @egginabun urged users to invest in the bargain buy ‘Zero In Spider Catcher’ from the supermarket giant.

The woman added text to the video that read: “Run, don’t walk to Aldi to get a spider catcher for £7.99.”

Spider on wooden floor
This woman has shared her easy trick to remove spiders from her house

In the video, the woman can be seen using the orange and green contraption.

The bristles at the end allow her to easily pick up the spider.

Clearly impressed with how easy the gadget is, the woman can be heard saying “wow” in the popular clip.

The viral video has received over 981 000 views and been liked by 43,000 people.

People ran to the comments to express their gratitude to the woman who shared the spider-catching gadget.

spider being caught
The spider catcher has now gone viral on TikTok

spider catcher
The woman shows how easy it is to catch the spider

One user commented: “I NEED THIS.”

Another person added: “I’m going to Aldi.”

However, some people were not convinced with the bargain spider catcher and opted for more ‘traditional’ methods.

One person said: “I’ll stick to my hoover.”

Someone else stated: “I’ll continue to run away and not sleep in my room for weeks.”

And another person noted: “No way am I getting that close to it. I can just imagine the legs moving to get out.”

Let us know in the comments how you deal with spiders!

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Woman's £7.99 Aldi hack banishes spiders from your home without killing them
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