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Woman groped by man on a bike who made grab for her breast as she walked in park

A woman has spoken of her anger after allegedly being groped in a London park by a stranger.

Christin Prüstel, 33, a charity worker from Beckenham, told MyLondon that she was walking through South Norwood Country Park on September 8 when she was sexually assaulted by a man on a bike.

“It had been a nice day so I was enjoying some cool evening air,” She stated.

“I was cutting through one of the small wooded paths heading towards Elmers Road”.

Christin was approached by a man riding on a bike. When she wouldn’t move, she tried to pass him.

“I couldn’t tell if he hadn’t noticed me or was just being an idiot,” She stated.

“I was doing that thing where, as a woman, you try and ignore them – because if I look at him he might think that I’m trying to lure him in.”

Christin prustel
Christin was unable to give a clear description of her alleged attacker

It was as she moved past him that the man on the bike allegedly made a grab for her, before she was able to push him away and escape.

Christin said: “As I passed him he reached across my breasts to pull me in,” she said.

“I pushed him away, told him to f*** off and flipped him off [gave him the middle finger] as I stormed off.”

“I did think about going back with a flashlight to get a photo of him for the police but it was dark and there weren’t many people around.

“I don’t know what he did or where he went.”

South Norwood Country Park
Christin says she was groped in South Norwood Country Park

As Christin made her way home, she got “angrier and angrier” about what had happened, eventually calling police to report the incident.

She added: “The audacity of him to grab me or touch me with no permission at all. How dare any man think he can do that?

“I was very angry. I expected to be shocked and not be able think, but I was so angry.”

Christin said police were “honest” with her about the slim chance of finding the culprit without a more detailed description, but she hopes that by sharing her story she can warn other Beckenham residents to remain vigilant.

She said: “I want people to be aware there’s a man in the park who’s potentially targeting women and I want to raise awareness more widely that these things are happening all the time.”

Christin wanted to warn other women in the area to be vigilant
Christin wanted to warn other women in the area to be vigilant

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While Christin is “generally not worried” about her safety in Beckenham, she said women who heard her story have vowed never to go to the park again.

“It’s up to every woman and what they feel comfortable with, but I’m not going to let that man ruin the park for me,” She said.

“I’m okay now. I’m surprisingly unaffected by it. I thought it would really shake me, but that’s just me.

“I’m just angry a man put his hands on my body and should the piece of s*** that did this read this, don’t for one second think you intimidated me or scared me.

“All you did was royally p*** me off. You are lucky I wasn’t wearing my steel-toe boots or I would have made you regret the day you ever decided to target women.”

A statement from the Metropolitan Police said Christin’s attacker “is described as white, aged around 40 and was wearing all black clothing at the time of the incident.”

Enquiries continue and no arrests have been made.

Anyone can report sexual assault to the Met by calling 999, 111 or online. Victims can also visit a police station or one of the Havens around the capital.

Woman groped by man on a bike who made grab for her breast as she walked in park
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