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With love is a too fast 5 episodes romp through the holidays with an extended family. By holidays I mean Nochebuena, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and Día De Los Muertos. As we travel through the year, we explore the love lives of various members of the family.

With love was created and written by Gloria Calderón Kellett. With this series she took on an ambitious task. She explored cultural traditions among the various Mexican, Cuban and Dominican characters. The exposition around these traditions was a bit forced, but probably necessary for part of the public. The series explored the love lives of 4 separate couples. It didn’t work 100% of the time with so few episodes to tell the stories, but it had excellent underpinnings and characters.

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The central family was the Diaz family. Brother and sister Jorge Diaz Jr. (Mark Indelicato) and Lily Diaz (Emeraude Toubia) were the main characters. Jorge, Jr. was a gay man and brought home a new boyfriend when the series started. The boyfriend was Henry (Vincent Rodriguez III). He was a big hit with the family and the two stayed together for the rest of the series.

Henry’s first night with the family included a sweetly hilarious scene where they all gathered in a circle around him to hear his explanation of what it’s like to be bisexual.

Lily had just broken up with a boy and was dating Jorge’s roommate, Nick (Desmond Chiam). She didn’t mean Nick seriously, though. The real magic came when she met Santiago (Rome Flynn), although their love life was going in all directions.

Constance Marie and Gloria Calderon Kellett in With Love

The parents of these siblings had their own marital problems. Jorge Diaz Sr. (Benito Martinez) and Beatriz Diaz (Constance Marie) were considered a perfect couple by everyone around them, but they had a difficult year.

Cousins, grandparents and others were included in the story. The grandparents (Renee Victor and Pepe Serna) were clearly still working on it. (#EldersRock) Series creator Gloria Calderón Kellett played Gladys.


Todd Grinnell and Isis King in With Love

Another cousin, Sol (Isis King), was a doctor. They had a romance with a fellow doctor, Miles (Todd Grinnell). Sol also had a storyline with Miles’ genderqueer 13-year-old.

I don’t want to miss anything created by Gloria Calderón Kellett. However, this series felt rushed. That she managed to cram so much cultural significance and so many love stories into the time she had is nothing short of amazing. The sparks between the characters felt real, even if their arguments were intense. Female directors included Hiromi Kamata, Kimberly McCullough and Meera Menon.

The gay characters as well as Sol and a few other trans characters were all accepted as part of the family and treated with love and respect. The romantic love stories had their bumps, but the family love was strong and unbreakable. That’s what I liked about the series. I thought the different cast members fit their roles perfectly. Mexican-Lebanese actress Emeraude Toubia, whose other great credit is shadow hunters, was particularly promising. I expect to see a lot more from her.

The series is available on Prime Video. Fingers crossed that we get a season 2!


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