Will There Be A The Gifted Season 3 Or Is The Series Cancelled?


Is there going to be Gifted season 3? Are there any opportunities for The Gifted Season 3? After Season 2 of the Gifted Season 2 has come to a strong end, fans have been wondering about Season 3. The Gifted is actually a spin-off of the popular Marvel character X-Men and has been talked about recently.

Created by Matt Nix, this series focused on the X-Men after-story, where he had suddenly disappeared. When the series was officially announced, fans were super excited because it’s no wonder how much we watch these superheroes’ movies, they are never enough for us.

Will There Be A The Gifted Season 3 Or Is The Series Cancelled?

After Gifted Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, fans are constantly wondering if the series will ever be renewed or not. It’s been over a year since the Creator last revealed anything about the show.

In this article, we share everything about The Gifted Season 3 and all the details about it. Stay tuned for the latest details through this article.

The Gifted: Know about the Marvel character

Based on the popular Marvel Comics, X-Men Franchise, the series is about the timeline in which the superhero disappeared after the incidents that led to the super distribution in the US government and shook the city.

Created by Matt Nix for FOX entertainment and developed by 20th century Motions Pictures, this series has everything the superhero fan could want to know.

The show follows stars Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker, who have discovered their mutant ability of the kids, and as a parent they must travel to different timelines to do so. With great writing and great directing, the show comes out on October 2, 2017.

So far, the series has released 2 seasons that started in October 2017 and ended in 2019. In the two years, the series ran successfully, received positive response and made fans love the plot. Since then, fans have constantly wondered whether the series would release season 3 or not. The story follows two parents and their struggles after the US government discovered that their children are mutual strengths. After the series ended on a major cliffhanger, fans have been constantly wondering what season 3 is all about.

There is no doubt that the music of Max Richter has just added more beauty to the Leftover Series, which is already beloved by the public. You can clearly see that the show has been in the conversation for its positive side and with that, the possibility of another season increases. Of course, with such a huge fan base that has been waiting for a new chapter, there should be a new season, right? Although the subject is quite debatable and we are all about The Leftovers Season 4 in detail.

The Gifted Season 3: Has It Been Confirmed?

FOX Superman’s drama series, The Gifted Season 3, has received a rapid response from the critics and the public. After Season 2 has come to an end, fans have been eagerly awaiting the third season. After the series received great feedback from the audience, fans have confirmed that the series has a future somewhere to watch.

Despite all these positive things about the series, the showrunners have decided to end the show after season 2. Yes! You heard right. All the fans’ emotions have been shattered after the news broke. It was clearly announced that The Gifted Season 3 has been officially canceled by the showrunners.

Both Reed and Caitlin Strucker don’t have to save them and their child’s life from the shady government and now their children can live free. Since the series had a lot of things to center on, it was kind of disappointing that the creators had to end the show halfway through.

After releasing the 7 seasons of the Younger series, Darren Star has proclaimed himself one of the popular creators and producers of the century. The popular comedy drama show initially launched in 2015 and within the span of 6 years, the show has successfully released 7 seasons in a row. One of the most frequently asked questions from viewers is whether the showrunners would still be producing the series by releasing Younger season 8?

The Gifted Season 3: When is it coming out?

Since the series has already ended, there’s no chance fans will be able to meet Season 3 anyway. Personally, it was pretty shocking to me too, as I didn’t accept the show to cancel so early. There’s no denying that both Marvel and DC have tried to put all their superheroes into the individual movie and with The Gifted where we haven’t seen glimpses of the X-Men, it’s been pretty hard for the series to run on the television. Surprisingly, this assumption was wrong and after the release of the first season, the show came in and got 8.3 million views, which is huge.

All of these have just reached the fans, but we all know how the X-Men faced problems after the character was owned in the 20th century and then it goes back to Disney because of Disney. Previous fans had many questions, but after the 20th century was taken over by Disney, all fans believed that from now on the X-Men would be produced like other Marvel superhero movies. But that doesn’t happen at all, why? Why was the series cancelled? Read from the next section.

The Gifted Series’ Low Ratings

When the first season premiered on screen, it did a great job. There’s no doubt that the creators had asked about the series’ great performance and the audience loved it. Somehow, the series made it on its first day of airing, reaching 8.3 million views in its first season. That’s why the creators have renewed the show for season 2.

However, the ratings and viewership were not the same. When the first season aired, fans were a little too excited for the show. They have high hopes, but these things didn’t happen during the second episode. When the second season aired, the viewership dropped and significantly, the second season also saw a dip in the ratings.

The viewership of The Gifted season 2 was only 3.3 million views. Looking at the chart, it’s almost submerged more than half of the show’s ratings.

But that doesn’t change the overall setup of Season 2. At the medium level, it has kept its dignity, but despite that, the series was canceled.

Disney didn’t pick up the Gifted series

The American Supernatural drama was initially broadcast on FOX, produced by 20th Century Motion Pictures, the show was originally their series. But when 20th Century Fox Television was tuned to and wholly owned by Marvel Characters, Disney pulled out.

The report said that Disney did not pick up The Gifted season 3 for further production. This is the main and main reason why the series has to be canceled. There were other platforms from Disney like Freeform and Hulu, but surprisingly they also backed off and didn’t take the Gifted. Ironically, both platforms own some series with lower ratings and viewership than the Gifted and they are still running with multiple seasons.

To close this, The Gifted Season 3 has been officially canceled and there are no more seasons to come.


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