Will Better Call Saul Season 6 See A Two Part Split Or Not?


Considering that You better call Saul Season 6 is the longest for the show to date with 13 episodes, we shouldn’t be shocked that AMC wants to split it in half. This would allow them to give viewers the first half of the final season more quickly; it could also extend the eligibility of the awards for the series to two different Emmy cycles, depending on release dates, of course.

Better Call Saul Season 6

In a recent interview with Variety, cast member Rhea Seehorn (who plays Kim Wexler) made the news clear. Our feeling is that the first half of the final season will come in the first half of next year, while the second half could be the second half or early 2023. We should note, however, that those timetables are our own speculation; AMC has yet to confirm too much as far as the details go.

What do you want to watch? You better call Saul season 6?

Are you excited for the first batch of episodes, or at least learning a premiere date? Be sure to share it in the comments now! Once you’ve done that, stay tuned – there are other updates on the way and we don’t want you to miss them.


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