Why was Rapper C Blu Arrested? Charges Explained


A week ago, there was news about the rapper Kay Flock’s arrest, as he was found guilty of murdering a 24year old. An account of which he was charged with first-degree murder after gunshot at a 24-year-old man, and he shot him outside the Barbershop ‘at the previous week. He is again making the news headlines regarding the same case; stay glued to the blog as below we discussed it in detail. He surrenders to the 30th department, one weak after the shooting.

Rapper C Blu Arrested

Rapper C Blu Arrested

He was charged with the first-degree attempt to murder on December u23rd, as per the attorney Scott E. Leemon; the show also stated that “a rapper is now drained from his alleged actions.” As per the sources, they have been two felony charges on the rapper in addition to the murder charge, which consists of unauthorized possession of a weapon in the second degree. The sources said that the victim was waiting for his haircut in the Barbershop on Amsterdam Ave. Near W. 151st St., this has been gone almost around 10 am. Then Perez reached there, and he used to approach Hernandez about his purpose.

Why was Rapper C Blu Arrested?

Later Perez acted like walking from here, then a boy came there, and he used to set the revolver at the Hernandez. After this, there was shock among the people roaming there. This became breaking news on the same media channel of the country. The officials arrested the rapper who killed Hernandez with all the proof against him. But as per the sources, there is an update he is detained now, and the court ordered him to become for the summon. Soon, he will be approved in court for the hearing against his crime.

Being a struggle, this has been against him now as it will affect his career, and he might not get the extensive collaborations n his future. Taking someone’s life pis become so easy for the people these days. They are due to be reached to kill someone rather than to sort the things with a healthy conversation. Kay was in prison after he surrendered. This has been clarified by the attorney Leemon. After having the surveillance footage, officials got to know about the truth and what had been happened. Stay tuned to us to get more updates on the same.


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