Why More Men Are Playing Bingo


In 2021, bingo has become more popular than ever. Always enjoyed by a wide audience, its players are now increasingly diverse. They hail from every corner of the globe, from Asia to North America to Europe.  

As a result, there are approximately 100 million players worldwide, with these individuals embracing both online and offline play. The former is largely to thank for the increased diversity of bingo’s audience, having helped to reinvent the game and do away with traditional stereotypes.   

This means that players now belong to every conceivable demographic, from tech-savvy millennials to much older players. They come from many diverse walks of life too, but all have one thing in common: an enduring love of the game. Now, more than ever, many of these individuals are male. While women still represent 75 percent of bingo players, the number of men involved in the game rose by an incredible seven percent between 2015 and 2019 alone.

We take a look at what’s driving this trend.

The changing face of bingo

Source: Pixabay

In today’s world, internet entertainment dominates. Many of our favorite pastimes can be enjoyed on the world wide web, and bingo online is a prime example. Taking the casino classic and adding a modern twist, it provides players with access to all manner of games, bonuses, and innovations.

It’s not the only entertainment to have undergone such a transformation. Look at streaming services too. What was once experienced only by walking into a brick-and-mortar store like Blockbuster or visiting the cinema can now be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s home thanks to platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So how does such a shift in the entertainment paradigm affect demographics? It’s not a widely studied phenomenon, but what research does exist on the subject is interesting in that it pertains to stereotypes – or, more accurately, the stripping away of them.

The faceless man

Source: Pixabay

So what do we mean about online entertainment helping to deconstruct stereotypes? Essentially, playing online creates a unique sense of anonymity. By and large, players are made faceless, so they don’t have to conform to any pre-existing expectations about their behavior and preferences.

What this means is that they’re free to shape their internet experience based on their actual likes and dislikes rather than some preconceived notion of these. As a result, male players feel as at home in the online bingo space as their female counterparts.

A second contributory factor may lie in online casinos themselves. The majority of internet gamblers are men, making them more likely to frequent the websites where bingo is available. This means that they often inadvertently encounter the game, with this increased exposure encouraging fresh participation.    

However, this doesn’t account for why male bingo players stick around. In fact, that’s most likely because many male players continue to enjoy the game once their initial curiosity has passed. This suggests that it’s the experience itself that holds their interest in the longer term.

The reason for this needs no explanation: it is, quite simply, because they’re enjoying themselves.


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