Why Lil Nas’ ‘Montero’ Promo Has Fans Talking


Why Lil Nas' 'Montero' Promo Has Fans Talking

Considering Lil Nas X’s seemingly unflapping popularity, the visionary queer music icon‘s promo post announcing the “Montero” release was by and large met with fanfare — some of which came from the likes of corporate tastemakers. 

Per the New York Post, the Instagram account for MTV welcomed the announcement by commenting “[I’m] a proud uncle,” while the MTV Twitter account posted “welcome to the world” on their main. Other users also hopped on the “baby” shtick as well, with one fan referring to the album in similar language. “HE’S HERE AND HE’S PERFECT,” the follower tweeted

The promo video, which was a short callout, also featured imagery and metaphors about birth. As the New York Post noted, the video featured one stand-by medical worker noting they “could see the baby” during the rapper’s birthing scene — to which Lil Nas X and the rest of the midwifery cohort respond with “da baby?” Per the Post, the rejoinder is a reference to hip-hop musician DaBaby, who generated headlines this year over a litany of homophobic behavior. (Taking Lil Nas X’s reputation as a groundbreaking LGBTQ artist of color into account, the shade at DaBaby isn’t entirely unexpected, though whether DaBaby will respond to it remains to be seen.)


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