Why Does ‘The Sinner’ End With Season 4?


The research drama the sinner will eventually end with season 4 on USA Network. The somewhat anthological crime series, which follows a different crime each season, has been airing on the cable network since 2017.

The Season 4 premiere took place on October 13, and the Season/Series Finale will air on December 1. So why is this critically acclaimed series featuring A-list stars like Jessica Biel, Matt Bomer, and Bill Pullman coming to an end? Check out the compelling storyline for Season 4 and the critics’ reviews of the show so far.

Why Does ‘The Sinner’ End With Season 4?

What to expect from Season 4

In Season 4, still reeling from the trauma of a previous case a year ago, now-retired Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) travels to Hanover Island in northern Maine for a recovery vacation with his partner Sonya (Jessica Hecht).

When an unexpected tragedy occurs involving the daughter of a prominent island family, Ambrose is recruited to assist with the investigation but is thrown into a mystery of mounting paranoia that will turn this sleepy tourist island and Ambrose’s life upside down.

Smart picking on USA Network

The sinner draws to a close, and USA Network has almost run out of scripted shows. BASED ON THE CHILD’S PLAY FRANCHISE, theUS network is currently broadcasting the series Chucky but shares that show with fellow NBCU cable Syfy.

Currently, there are multiple scripted series in the works in the US, but lately, the main focus has been on unscripted programming such as: The biggest loser and madam and madam. USA is also home to the weekly WWE shows Monday night Raw and NXT. The network is also preparing a movie revival of the police series Nash Bridges, which premieres on November 27.

In front of the sinner, Derek Simonds serves as showrunner and executive producer, alongside executive producers Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple through their production company, Iron Ocean. Biel previously starred in Season 1 of the series. Charlie Gogolak, Adam Bernstein, and Nina Braddock are also executive producers. In addition,  UCP serves as a studio.

Why Does ‘The Sinner’ End With Season 4?

Critics’ response to the sinner

IndieWire reviewed season 4 of the sinner stating, “Add a thin layer of mystique and you have a missing persons story that isn’t revolutionary, but one that strays from convention just enough to make it worth checking out. ‘The Sinner’ was never just about the answers. Now, more than ever, the man who asks the questions has become the show’s biggest draw.” The assessment was concluded with a “B+” rating.

Meanwhile, season 3 saw a Collider review detailing, “the sinner quickly pulls you in with a compelling first episode and gets its hooks in you. Then, the show’s haunting atmosphere slowly seeps in and goes deep. This season has been blessed with three strong protagonists in Pullman, Bomer, and Messina and the chemistry between Bomer and Messina is evident from their first scene together.”

For season 2, the Hollywood Reporter wrote: “For whatever reason, even though I appreciated Biel and the thoughtful approach of the show, the first season of the sinner started feeling thin in the middle of the season, and I lost track of it. So jumpingg back for this new season was easy, and with Coon, Henig, and the region’s prolific religious history, my curiosity about the sinner has been rejuvenated so far.”

Why Does ‘The Sinner’ End With Season 4?

They added: “What remains to be seen is whether, in a TV landscape increasingly filled with cult-based stories and ultra-serious long-running crime stories, the sinner will be able to hold my attention this time through the full eight episodes. ”

Does the sinner deserve a fifth season? Or will it rightfully end at season 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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