Why Aretha Franklin Never Performed Live For Queen Elizabeth


Why Aretha Franklin Never Performed Live For Queen Elizabeth

Aretha Franklin’s reluctance to perform live for Queen Elizabeth was not because of a lack of “Respect” for the monarch, but rather due to a crippling phobia. The legendary singer may have projected a fearless image, but a nasty bout of turbulence on a plane trip to Detroit left her traumatized and mortally afraid of flying, per the Daily Beast. Despite trying several courses to combat her fear, the 1984 incident left her terrified. In fact, her fear ran so deep, that at one point even stormy weather would make her nervous, according to her biographer, David Ritz, as noted by Rolling Stone.

However, the “Ain’t No Way” singer never let her phobia limit her, instead opting to travel to performances in luxury tour buses. She even found an ingenious solution to perform for Queen Elizabeth after all: via a pre-taped recording in New York, per Fox News. Regal as ever, Franklin was decked out in diamonds and jewels for the occasion — just like a true queen!


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