Why are International Students Keen to Study in Indian Boarding Schools?

India is a cultural nation and a place of great diversity. The country is also one of the most significant contributors in the field of education and science, historically speaking. The concept of ‘0’ was invented by Aryabhatta, who is one of the pioneers of mathematics. The first university was also conceived in India by as early as 600 BC at Takshila. What’s more, this university started the tradition of students coming from all parts of the world, including China, Greece and Arabia. 

Thus, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that when it comes to education and knowledge, India is a rich and proud country. With the ever-evolving inventions and introductions in the education sector, India boasts an array of top schools for students across the globe. The schools located in Siliguri, West Bengal are emerging as the platforms for providing the perfect boarding school environment for international students. 

Why are International Students Keen to Study in Indian Boarding Schools?

Here’s why international students come to India in large numbers to study in Indian boarding schools. 

Boarding schools in India Offer Diversity in Education

Diversity in the education system is the Indian USP that international students come seeking when looking for a boarding school in West Bengal. After all, India is the most diverse nation on the map. The country has not just adopted global English, science and math courses, but also has an authentic sense of its cultural acquaintance, along with opulent variations in paintings, art, music and sports. Extra-curricular activities are also encouraged at a professional level. 

Along with the mainstream academic courses, boarding schools in India have introduced subjects in the curriculum that are unique. For instance, students are encouraged to do yoga in the morning assembly that helps to boost their posture, focus and concentration. Sanskrit, classical music and robotics are some of the other unique courses that the new-age boarding schools in India offer. 

Indian Boarding Schools Provide a Family Environment

International students are provided with a comfortable family atmosphere in the boarding schools of India. This is because the concept of family is fundamental in the country’s culture and tradition. Such an environment encourages students to interact with peers, learn to deal with life and prepare for an independent life under the guidance of their teachers. 

While teachers and staff are always available for any assistance, the students are encouraged to complete their daily chores themselves. These tasks might be caring for their belongings, keeping their room tidy and so on. Also, students share rooms that teach them the concept of adjustment and compromise. 

Boarding schools of India have a Strong Reputation across the Globe

IIM, IIT and NIT are some of the Indian educational institutions that have made a mark on the world educational map. Everyone knows about these institutions due to their global name. Similarly, boarding schools like the Doon School, Sri Sri Academy Siliguri and the Welham Girls’ & Boys’ School are landmarks in the field of boarding school education in India. 

Over the years, these schools have worked hard to create a reputation for themselves through hard work and excellence that precedes them. They have been functional in developing students who go on to achieve greatness in the global platform. The achievements of the institutions speak about their glory and attract international students. 

The people of India are Extremely Warm and Welcoming

Another reason why international students come in large numbers to study in India is because of the welcoming, friendly and warm people. This country is one of the largest democracies in the world, and it is a secular, tolerant country. Here, the people consider guests as ‘god’, and therefore, treated with respect. Outsiders are never treated as a threat or a stranger. When students come to study here, they are also taught the same essential life skills. 

Boarding schools in India will meet Your Budget Expectations without Any Compromise in Quality

Why are International Students Keen to Study in Indian Boarding Schools?

Even the best boarding school in Siliguri is going to be far more affordable and cost-friendly than boarding schools in other countries. But, the economical boarding school fees is not a testament to the quality of education provided to the students. The reason why the fees are affordable is because of the Right to Education Act enacted by the Indian Government that creates a loop and prevents unjust hiking of the school fee. 

Although you would find variations in the fee structure of different boarding schools depending on the facilities, courses and infrastructure, it will still meet your budget expectations. For international students, the cost of education in India is more than bearable. 

However, if you are still worried about the fees, you would find that there are ample financial aids available in the form of scholarships and education loans. You’ll also be delighted to know that the processes for such financial aids are not as complicated as in other countries. 

The Fantastic Weather and Beautiful Sights Bring Students to India in Massive Numbers

Last but not least, the weather in India, especially in Siliguri is amazing. International students will find that the temperatures in the best boarding schools quite cool and comfortable. They do not have any problem settling in because the country does not experience extremes of weather unless you are in the Thar Desert. 

Apart from the gorgeous climate, students also enjoy the lovely sights that the country has to offer. India is one of the beautiful countries with a unique feel to it. Every region of the country has such beautiful holiday spots, perfect for family vacations. There is something for everyone – historical places, national parks, adventure sports, beautiful mountains and beaches and so on. 

Boarding schools in India are truly making their presence felt in the global map of education. So, if you are considering sending your child to this glorious country, you don’t need to think twice. You’ll find boarding schools with the right environment, infrastructure, facilities and great teachers that fit your budget. 

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