Who Won Arunachal Idol Season 5 Grand Finale Winner Name Top Five Finalist at Tawang


There is no doubt that everyone wants their voice to be something that people will never forget and therefore everyone does their best to make people hear them, for this, there is plenty of singing shows where each and everyone contestant give their best to be the one whom we consider as the winner of the game. Well, in India there are many singing reality shows and from Indian Idol to Bharat Ki Shaan every single show has been managing its fan base among the Indian audience as well as NRI, and now different origins have started their singing shows such as Superstar Singer and plenty more and today we are talking about the grand finale of the 5th season of Arunachal Idol.

Arunachal Idol Season 5 finale

Arunachal Idol has been managing its fan base since the very first season of the show and as it is all set towards the end of the 5th season of the show with the grand finale so you can take the idea that how amazing the show is going with full swing and all the contestants have been set the competition on another note. Well, it can’t be doubted that the all the contestants have been through so many themes and tough rounds but no doubt all of them proved themselves, however some of the contestants are left the race or better say eliminated but now we have the top 5 contestants or better say top 5 finalists of Arunachal Idol Season 5 and everyone is now all set to prove themselves and spread their voice’s magic.

Arunachal Idol Top 5 Finalists

  • Temba Dorjee
  • Teli Menia
  • Obom Tangu
  • Radhe Yabyang Millo
  • Damchin Norbu

Well, these are the top 5 finalists of Arunachal Idol season 5 and no doubt that these 5 participants or better say singers or performers have been through all the tough rounds and now all set to perform in the grand finale of the show where these top 5’s voice will make you feel over the moon and no doubt that you will be forced to raise your hands in the air. Well, another thing that is Arunachal’s people even more crazy is, how to vote for contestants in Arunachal Idol season 5?

How To Vote For Arunachal Idol Season 5?

Well, before telling about the voting method and details, we would like to illuminate some other things that people are searching for. It is being searched that when will be the Arunachal Idol Grand Finale and where the event take place. So, as per the official facebook page of Arunachal Idol it came to know that it will happen at Tawang Festival Groung on 26th of March. Well, the event will be stream live online on the official Youtube channel of Arunachal Idol Season 5 so you can also enjoy it online. Well, when it comes to talking about the voting details so, on the official FB page of the show it has not revealed yet but yes you can comment down for the one whom you love the most.


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