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Double Shot at Love Season 3 Final Preview: Who Will Choose Vinny?Next week on MTV de Double shot at love the Season 3 finale is coming – and with that, Vinny must make a big decision. Who will he choose – or will he actually choose someone?

We’ll be the first to admit that this was an easy way for Vinny and Pauly D to get into the show’s first season to get some attention and then end up with nothing at all. However, the relationship between Pauly and Nikki completely negates that. It shows there’s some seriousness under the wacky surface here and regardless of whether Pauly and Nikki are together five years from now, we’d still call this a success. After all, they’ve outperformed the vast majority of other reality TV couples out there.

So where do things go from here? What else can you expect? All you need to do is take a look at the Double shot at love season 3 finale synopsis below:

Double dates with Pauly and Nikki give Vinny a glimpse of his future with “the one” as he makes his final decision. Vinny shocks a lady by sending her home early.


Will there be a reunion show?

In short, yes – this way you don’t have to worry that next week is the last time you will see these people. What’s so important about that is that we get some sort of update on where things are – the inner romantic in us naturally wants to see that everything is going to be okay for Vinny. It would also make things more interesting if he still had a committed relationship with them on the next iteration of… Jersey Shore premieres.


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