Who was Miss Ngendane and what was her cause of death?


Reportedly a teacher has been shot to death in Phomolong, Tembisa in the province of Gauteng. The victim teacher is identified as Miss Ngendane who was the Deputy Principal and a Secondary School teacher in Phomolong. This news is roaring on the internet as people are eager to know the reason behind this tragic incident which shocked the citizens of the city. This horrible incident has many speculations regarding the victims and suspects. All will be discussed later in the coming sections of this article, learn this news comprehensible by going down the page as we have clinched some very important facts regarding Miss Ngendane’s murder. Miss Ngendane

Who was Miss Ngendane?

There are many stories which are catering in the town regarding this case and one which is most speculating that a matric student of Miss Ngendane’s school killed her. It is speculating that the suspect was a disgruntled student who could manage to pass his matric exams and in order to pay back his teacher, the matric learner shot Miss Ngendane. All is being said allegedly nothing has been proved for now but probably it could be true. Nonetheless, the deputy principal was shot 5 times and it is a matter of Friday afternoon near the school premises as per the police reports.

Phomolong Secondary School Principal Miss Ngendane dead

Miss Ngendane was used to teach Geography and Mathematics subjects in the Phomolong secondary school in Tembisa. When this incident took place the entire community was shocked and frightened and all came forth to check whether Miss Ngendane is alive or not as she was shot several times near the school. The other story which is speculating in the town is that another person from the same profession had a conflict with Miss Ngendane and that could be the reason behind this mysterious murder. However, nothing can be said with full surety until the investigation reaches a decisive end.

Miss Ngendane dead Death Cause

Miss Ngendane’s daughter confirmed her mother’s untimely death on social media, Luyanda Ngedane wrote today we have lost our mom Miss Ngendane that’s why we are grieving. Students taught by the late teacher described her as a determined and dedicated person toward her career and she encouraged them to do well in the academic score. Lungile Khumalo is one of her learners said she was very proud of him and she treated me very gently and sweetly despite I was the loudest and most crazy student in the class. Stay tuned with us for further details.


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