Who was Jyothi Reddy and what was her cause of death? Hyderabad Junior Artist Jyothi Reddy Found Dead


A piece of the shocking news is coming from Hyderabad, where a junior artist passing news shocked the entertainment industry and the nation as well. As per the latest report, the junior artist, Jyothi Reddy, has been found dead, and her death does not look like a natural death. Friends and relatives of Jyothi Reddy, who was discovered with wounds on a railway track at Shadnagar and succumbed to her injuries in hospital, have demanded a proper investigation into her demise.Junior Artist Jyothi Reddy

Who was Jyothi Reddy?

On Tuesday morning, 18th January 2022, Jyothi, a citizen of Kapada district in Andhra Pradesh, was discovered with wounds on the railway track at Shadnagar. The cops shifted her to Osmania General Hospital for treatment and later, she was moved to a private hospital, where doctors declared her dead.

After hearing her suspected death, the relatives and friends protested in front of the hospital, demanding the cops conduct a thorough probe into her demise. The Chaderghat police hurriedly went to the spot and shifted the troublemakers to the police station. The corpse was later moved to Osmania General Hospital mortuary.

Jyothi Reddy Death Cause

The family of Jyothi is expressing doubts over her demise. Her father Paul Reddy objected to the story informed by the cops. There are suspicions about the death of their daughter…The police demanded a comprehensive probe.

The father of Jyothi cried and said, “Sankranti Jyothi came home for the festival. She stayed in Kadapa for three days and left for Hyderabad. Her friends get to know through a phone call that Jyothi had passed away during the evening. Railway police state a mThrough a phone call, herfell to her demise wh train at Shad Nagar railway station.

Hyderabad Junior Artist Jyothi Reddy Found Dead

“My daughter Jyoti has done in a few films as a junior artist. She also recently danced in the film “Pushpa”. I told him to be careful when leaving home. In the meantime, I heard the news of my daughter’s demise.”

Paul Reddy stated police thought his daughter had landed in Shad Nagar near Kacheguda Railway station. Knowing that it was not Kachiguda, he attempted to board the train again. I want to know if the cauldron fell… or if someone pushed it off the train. The pice wish to hold a thorough probe into the demise of Jyoti and disclose the facts.


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