Who Was Jesse Kozechen? Brazilian Influencer Dies In Car Accident With His Dog


One of the popular Brazilian social media influencers was on his dream trip to the US. He was way too elated pursuing his dream along with his incredibly beloved dog. However, destiny has some other plans for the influencer as he passed away in a fatal automobile crash two days earlier finishing his trip. The mishap occurred on the 23rd of May 2022 Tuesday. The reports have claimed that the online personality died on the spot along with his journey partner Shurastey his pet dog. The news went viral all over the social media platforms. Get more information on Who was Jesse Koz? The influencer died during a dream vacation.

Who Was Jesse Kozechen? Brazilian Influencer Dies In Car Accident With His Dog

According to the latest reports issued by information sources that the online personality was accompanied by his dog and travelled across the United States for the past three months. He was even posting images of some adorable views on his official Instagram account. His account attained a total of 359,000 followers with millions of likes on all of his posts. The Vacationist was all on his way to Alaska and was about to return after completing his holidays.

Who Was Jesse Kozechen?

However, the holiday of the influencer didn’t end as it meant to be and his 1978 Volkswagen Beetle crashed with a Ford Escape on US Highway 199 in Selma, Oregon on Monday, 23rd May 2022. At the time emergency arrived at the spot they declared Koz and his dog dead after performing some initial steps. The information was soon released on the Internet and his large fan base was immersed in sorrow after they came to know about this unexpected demise of the influencer. Some of the notable Internet personalities from Brazil also expressed their grief on this distressing event.He was quite passionate to drive from Brazil to America’s Last Frontiers and he began his journey some years ago. Although this plan got interrupted due to the pandemic as the US closed its southern borders for travelers throughout March 2020. Koz again packed his bags at the beginning of the year in early February.

He was capturing some breathtaking snaps and posting them on Snapchat and Instagram interacting with his audience. He also posted one of the exquisite pictures featuring his dog Shurastey watching a sunset. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family members. May the pure soul will rest in peace.



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