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The murderer of ASU student Deana Lynne Bowdoin was unknown for years. The investigators could not find the culprit until DNA evidence linked Clarence Wayne Dixon to the crime. Yes, you read that right. The identity of the suspect in the chilling murder case of the 21-year-old girl has been revealed. Ever since the news appeared on the internet, the case has become the subject of discussion. Everyone seems to be talking about it and are trying to get the complete details of the case. Let us check the information here in this article.

Deana Bowdoin

According to reports, 21-year-old Deana Lynne Bowdoin was a senior at Arizona State University when she was brutally murdered in her apartment in the early morning hours of January 7, 1978. Now, after almost a decade, the name of the suspect has been disclosed. Reportedly, Dixon was convicted three decades after Deana’s death. Let us tell you that the man had become the first man put to death by Arizona since the botched execution of Joseph Wood in 2014. Clarence Wayne was sentenced to death on May 11, 2022. Let us find out who was Deana Bowdoin and more about the case in the article below.

Who Was Deana Bowdoin?

Deana Bowdoin was a 21-year-old girl who was pursuing a graduation in marketing management from Tempe University. The girl reportedly had dinner with her parents the evening she was killed. Following dinner, Deana met a friend at a nearby bar. According to reports, she was last seen at 12:30 AM leaving to drive to her apartment. She was found dead by her boyfriend inside her bedroom at 2 AM. Talking about Clarence Dixon, he was a former ASU student who lived across the street from Bowdoin.

Psychologists have determined that Dixon had schizophrenia and could not even stand trial on charges stemming from hitting a woman on the head with a pipe in 1977. The man was reportedly committed to Arizona State Hospital. Detectives suspected Dixon of Bowdoin’s murder after more than 20 years. In the 1990s, Tempe police investigator Tom Magazzeni started investigating cold cases with updated DNA technologies.

The investigator used a new countrywide database to run evidence from Bowdoin’s case. Police were able to rule out Bowdoin’s boyfriend after a few years. Later, in 2001, the officials connected Dixon’s involvement in the case. According to the deceased girl’s family, she did not even know Clarence Dixon. Stay connected with our site to get the latest details about the case.


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