Who Played All Arjun’s Friend role Keshava in ‘Pushpa’? – Jagdish Pratap Bandari

Pushpa The Rise, directed by Sukumar and released as Bunny Hero, makes record collections in Telugu states. While setting new records with bunny collections in Telugu states, trade analysts are also saddened to see the collections coming for this film irrespective of the talk. Bunny fans are commenting that the overwhelming success continues with the Pushpa movie. It is known that the person who played the role of Keshava next to Bunny in this movie acted wonderfully.

Directors usually hire well-known actors for their roles next to the hero in the film. However, director Sukumar is giving opportunities to talented people in his movies. The man who played the role of Keshava is named Jagdish Pratap Bandari. Pratap Bandari was impressed by his minor roles in Palasa 1978 and Mallesam. However, the two films were short, and Pratap Bandari did not get the recognition he hoped for.
Who Played All Arjun's Friend role Keshava in ‘Pushpa’? - Jagdish Pratap Bandari
It is noteworthy that Sukumar gave the role of a well-spoken actor in the same dialect to a Seema-speaking actor. Acting naturally in a full-length role, the actor maintained Sukumar’s confidence. Pratap Bandari also narrated the movie Pushpa. While Pratap Bandari’s name is changing with the Pushpa success, it remains to be seen whether the offers for Pratap will increase after this movie.
Warangal boy Pratap Bandari also starred in the web series New Fight. Pratap Bandari said that Bunny and Sukumar encouraged him to do a hair roll. Pratap Bandari said that he was pleased with the acclaim coming after the film’s release. Pratap Bandari can grow in terms of career if promoted by star directors.

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