Who Killed Sara? Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything You Need To Know

Who Killed Sara, the popular Netflix show, puzzled the viewers and left them with tons of questions since it was on the air. The climax of the 10th episode of the first season kept the audience in a dilemma. Here we will present spoilers for Who Killed Sara Season 1 to clear out all the viewers’ questions.
Netflix has touched new heights of recognition for its incredible series.

The arrival of the latest Mexican crime thriller, Who Killed Sara, boomed the Internet and gathered a lot of praise from the audience. The plot beautifully sketches a revenge drama about an underdog that overpowers a Mexican family. The action-packed series aired on March 24, and within a blink, captured the throne of one of the top streamed series on Netflix.

Who Killed Sara? Season 2

Who Killed Sara? Season 1 Spoiler

Season 1 of Who Killed Sara? Created an atmosphere of mystery among the audience and took the viewers on a mind-boggling journey, highlighting the evil side of the mighty Lazcano family. The first season showed different shades of stories presenting a perfect blend of betrayal, lies, crime, thrill, sex trafficking, and much more. The series is loaded with a twist and turns that keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

The climax of season 1 raised many questions, and there is much more to narrate to the audience. The title of the series Who Killed Sara? Portrays questions reflecting mystery and thrill. The sole message that the series depicts is to trust no one. Season 1 ends with a typical Netflix nail-bitter. It keeps the audience utterly clueless about who killed Sara. After a long wait, Netflix has finally announced the revive of the series. According to official news, the Who Killed Sara? Season 2 will brings pretty new flavors coming with fresh cast members and tons of unknown suspects behind the murder.

When Will Who Killed Sara? Season 2 Come on Netflix?

Netflix has amplified the hype for season 2 of the show topper, Who Killed Sara? With the announcement of the new season. Season 2 of the show is all set to air on May 19, 2021, on Netflix.

Will Who Killed Sara? Season 2 Cast

The second season of Who Killed Sara will bring all the characters from the Lazcano family. Alex and Sara Guzman will make a mesmerizing entry to the series revealing more mysteries. Season 2 will add a pinch of thrill and freshness to the show with tons of new characters.

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