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Vitamin Delicious, Is a popular YouTube sensation. Delicious is a popular gamer in the YouTube world. He has a massive subscriber base on youtube. His gaming videos are loved by many people from all across the globe. On his official YouTube channel, he streams almost all kinds of games and all of them are loved hi audience. He is a pro-level gaming expert currently.

Vitamin Delicious

Although Calling him a superstar gamer would not be enough for him. Vitamin Delicious has shown the world his different side too, lately Vitamin Delicious presented his music production skills to the world. Yes, you all heard right, lately Vitamin Delicious also recently produced music and the audiences have admired that a lot. Everyone is amazed at seeing the multi-talent of Vitamin Delicious. Honestly, no one ever knew that Vitamin could be into music production too, so when everyone does not know about his music production, nearly almost were amazed.

The interesting fact about Vitamin Delicious is, that he is a popular social media sensation you all know, but still, he has never revealed his identity and clear face to the world. Vitamin has more than 6 lac subscribers on youtube, which is a massive thing but still, he has not revealed his identity and face to his audiences. His face and identity have always been a topic of discussion among people on social media. All his subscribers and fans have requested him to reveal his clear face.

Well according to the latest reports floating on social media, claims that vitamin Delicious have accidentally revealed his face on the social media platform Twitter. This report is currently floating all around social media and creating a massive buzz all over. Although there is no official report or confirmation from Delicious’s side, so it’s tough to believe whether these claims on social media are true or false.

Vitamin has always been a discreet person on social media. Even being so popular on social media he believes in living a normal and discreet life. He has never revealed his face or anything about his personal life on social media. He has maintained his privacy from everyone. The only information about him which is known is his nationality. Vitamin is A American and he is around 20-25 years old. Rest there is no information about him in public.


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