Who Is Vasile Culea and why was Women Arrested For Husband Freda Walker Murder?


Today’s headline is that Vasile Culea may be sentenced to life term imprisonment as she is accused of murdering Kenneth Walker’s wife Freda Walker who was an old lady and Freda’s husband also injured seriously. This headline has attracted attention towards it as people have curious to know the real facts which have not been yet revealed, so follow this blog because here you will get all reliable and imperative details regarding this news. Given below sections of this blog has contained Vasile Culea and Freda Walker’s personal info and what are the charges against Vasile Culea?

Vasile Culea

Who Is Vasile Culea?

The case has not been finished yet, it is still going on and officials are investigating the case it is known that Kenneth Walker was injured seriously, and his wife has been passed away that’s why it is speculating that Vasile Culea may be condemned to life term imprisonment. Reportedly Freda Walker has been killed by Vasile and she also tried to kill Freda’s husband who got severe injuries and is currently in critical condition. Kenneth Walker is an old man of 88 years and is suffering life-threatening wounds. But luckily a neighbor Walker’s family found them at their residence at Station road home.

Vasile Culea Arrested

According to police, Vasile has been charged with an attempt to murder and murder a woman, and Derbyshire Police also demanded remand custody of Vasile Culea from the court. Kenneth and Freda were together for 64 years as the couple was wedded back in the 1960s. Kenneth also remained as the chairman of Bolsover District Council. Freda was killed in a fierce incident near Bolsover, Derbyshire, and her partner was injured but he is now in a stable condition as per medical reports. David Kirby who is the assistant of Chief Constable said that he would like to thank all the people who come forth to help in the investigation.

Vasile Culea Vasile Culea Vasile Culea Vasile Culea Vasile Culea

According to the police record, Vasile Culea took to remand custody by Derbyshire police after the incident and police also claimed a suspected burglary was the occurrence. Vasile Culea is a 33-year-old man and he was captured by police after 5 days of the murder. Police officers are trying their best and it is hoping that the court will give an order for life imprisonment to Vasile Culea. The investigation is still going on hence the sentence will not be changed. Stay tuned with us, we will add further details to this section.


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