Who Is Sazi Bongwe, Age, Instagram, Parents


Lwandle Ntshangase and Sazi Bongwe are two pupils of St. John’s College who will move to Oxford and Harvard Universities, respectively; both candidates achieved impressive results in matric and will do their further studies in prestigious international universities. These two names have rushed the Internet, and people are searching for their name on google to know how they did it and their plans? And how many distinctions have they earned in prestigious universities? Read this article to get all the details about the toppers.

Sazi Bongwe

Who is Sazi Bongwe?

Lwandle Ntshangase has been selected at Oxford University for further law studies in England, and Sazi Bongwe is the other guy who is accepted at Havard University. He will jet off later this year to the US for further studies. So let’s talk about their result and the distinctions they will get ahead. Sazi Bongwe passed with an average of 95.9%, and he was among the top one percent candidates in English, Life Orientation, Physical Science and Dramatic and achieved nine distinctions in English, isiZulu, Dramatic, History, Arts, Physical Science, Advanced Programme English, Advanced Programme Mathematics, and Life Orientation. Sazi Bongwe said that he is seeking to explore his options in the next two years and wants to do different courses in different disciplines, which excites me greatly. Still, my current plans are Economics and applied Math,s, and part of these two others are Social studies and Government.

Sazi Bongwe: Age, Instagram, Parents

While on the other hand, Oxford selected Lwandle Ntshangase has passed with 91.2% average marks, and he is also among the top 1% for Life Orientation and English. He got seven disciplines in Life Orientation, Mathematics, isiZulu, English, Physical Science, French, and History. Lwandle Ntshangase said that he is eager to learn law and governance. That’s the reason he decided to study at Oxford.

Sazi Bongwe Accepted To Harvard University

Before jetting off to the US, Sazi Bongwe will work on his website where Bongwe is shadowing at NewFrames with tutoring and producing a magazine book. Talking about his interest in journalism, he said that he started writing a lot more intentionally when lockdown started. That time was when he was looking ahead for excellence in a commentary in journalism. While another topper of the matric said that he faced difficulties when the first lockdown came into action and as his experience of the online study was not good, and he did not enjoy it during the online research. Stay tuned with us for more.



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