Who is Ruhi Asci? Saved 1-yr-old Child Falling from Balcony Check Video Footage


Who says, that there are no miracles in this world, recently something similar has come in front of people, which was heartbreaking somewhere if that man does not come at the correct time for saving a 1-year-old toddler. Yes, you heard right, recently a piece of quite shocking news reported from the northern Turkish city of Amasya, where unfortunately a toddler fell from the balcony and fortunately a man called “Ruhi Asci” came to save him at the time of catching. The entire clip of the incident is getting circulated on social media rapidly, soon after he got the tag of hero, and therefore, uncounted are searching for him.

Ruhi Asci

As per the exclusive reports or sources, later, the toddler is identified as “Khatora Amiri” and taken by his parents as they recently became the witness to a frightening tragedy but fortunately, their child is safe and at the time of taking him back their eyes were filled by the tears. The parents of the child are thanking that man to such an extent that we cannot even tell you because he has saved their lives in a way. Because nothing is more painful than seeing the departure of our close one in front of our eyes, but fortunately everything is alright there. 

Who Is Ruhi Asci?

Reportedly, Ruhi Aschi is a shopkeeper whose store is nearest to the residence of a toddler and at the time of the incident, fortunately, he was standing outside of the store because of which, he could have seen the toddler. At the time of giving his interview, he said that “When he turned around, he realized that it was a child, and therefore, he rolled off his back and hit the surface”. Further, he mentions that only a little blood came out which is good as it indicates that no eternal injury took place there.

The entire, incident has been recorded by the surveillance camera which was placed next to the crime spot, and therefore, through the footage, the incident could be seen properly while understanding the intensity of the tragedy. On social media, almost everyone is considering Ruhi as the superhero, who saved a life of a toddler. Therefore, uncounted are appreciating as well while sending their best wishes, because he saved the toddler without thinking about his health which is incredible. So if you want to get a bit deeper then you could watch the clip as well, as it is making the huge rounds.


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