Who Is Opeyemi Falegan? Nkechi Blessing Ex Boyfriend Wiki Biography Instagram Break Up Reason


Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, has come to the headlines after her ex-boyfriend Opeyemi Falegan revealed some facts about her. The former couple traded words on social media. It all happened after the politician took a dig at the actress over her personal hygiene. Yes, you read that right. The fight has turned quite personal now and is no longer public. It has caught the attention of the netizens who are discussing it on social media now. Let us check the complete details of the matter in the article below.

Opeyemi Falegan

Sharing a video on social media, Falegan said that he had apologized to the Nollywood actress publicly and tried to let the matter slide. He added that he did not do it because he wanted her to come back into his life but because he just wanted to sort up. However, it did not go as he had planned. Let us add that the video posted by Falegan has now been deleted. The politician had taken to Instagram to share a video where he revealed that he broke up with the actress because of her personal hygiene. As shocking as it might sound, the news happens to be true.

In the video, Falegan said that he went to apologize to Nkechi because he just wanted bygone to be bygone. It was not because he wanted her back or something. “Are you serious? Do you know why I left? I left for a different reason. Personal hygiene.”, said Falegan. He continued to call out the actress and said that it is really embarrassing when you have to tell a woman to change her pants in three days and to ask her to brush her teeth in the morning. Falegan further said that after the whole thing, everywhere is messed up.

Nkechi Blessing did not remain quiet either and called him out for having a weak comeback. She asked her ex-lover to leave her alone in peace. The actress added that when talking about hygiene, please clean that rat hole you live in first and called the battle a lost one already. In her post, Nkechi was seen asking Falegan to move on and not to interfere in her life while adding that she has never worn a pant since she was 18 and accused him of lying. Needless to say, the whole matter has become the center of attraction among social media users.


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