Who Is Manjusha Neogi? Kolkata Model Found Dead At Home How Did She Die?


Another Kolkata based model named Manjusha Neogi turned the flow of the attention after her sudden demise. The dreaded incident has taken place in the early hours of the 27th of May Friday. She was found dead at her residence in Kolkata’s Patuli area. However the reason for her death is unclosed so far, as of now, it is being assumed that the model committed suicide. The entire matter even come to the attention of the law enforcement arrived at her residence and sent the corpse of the model for an autopsy to know the major reason for his death. Get more information on who is Manjusha Neogi and the cause of her death.

Who Is Manjusha Neogi? Kolkata Model Found Dead At Home How Did She Die?

The investigation team interrogated the family members and friends after which the official learnt that Neogi was suffering from acute depression before her demise. The information has been revealed by the mother of the deceased. She further disclosed that she was extremely shocked after learning about her friend Bidisha’s death. Her friend was also a model and actress featured in a couple of films who committed suicide a few days back. She was just 21 years of her age at the time of her death.

Who Is Manjusha Neogi?

Her mother further disclosed that her daughter was critically depressed after the death of her friend. Until she was alive she was continuously talking about Bidisha. On Friday her aunty was calling her but she didn’t respond. Her aunt again tried to approach her but she didn’t reply even then. After she enters the house she found that Manjusha was handing in her bedroom. She promptly informed the police authority who approached the spot and started the investigation. Later, they discovered the body and sent it for post-mortem.

The police officers were busy investigating the case of Majmudar and now they have two suicide cases and is expected that both the cases are connected to each other. She is survived by her mother who is devastated after Manhusha’s death. The police officers also discovered a suicide note found near her body that reads she is taking such a serious decision due to the lack of career opportunities.

She mentioned that this is the prominent reason for ending her life. Manjusha was married but the information about her husband is being reviewed


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