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Sports stars are no less than film stars when it comes to stardom and fan following. The latest sports star who is making a lot of buzz on social media is the popular Los Angeles Baseball Dodger Julio Gerais. As you all know, how many fans and admirers of every celebrity are interested in their love life. Fans and admirers are always super eager to know who their favorite star is dating. And thus, Julio Urias is also making buzzes all over because of his love life. There is a strong rumor and buzz, about Julio dating Daisy Perez.

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Yes, you all heard right, according to the reports, there is a strong buzz and rumor all over the internet and social media, that the popular Los Angeles Dodger Pitcher Julio Urias is in a relationship with Daisy Perez. According to the press release from MLB, the Ceremonial first pitch might be thrown by Urias and her rumored girlfriend Daisy Perez. Lately, this buzz about Julio Urias and Daisy Perez being a couple is widely spread on the internet and social media.

No, doubt Julio Urias and Daisy Perez look very ravishing and admiring together as a couple, they give a great powerful couple vibe. According to some reports by some media channels, the couple is often seen chilling and cozied up in public many times. They are seen many times enjoying each other’s company while having dinner and parties. The couple is also seen enjoying some vacation time with each other too in relaxing destinations.

Although all these are reported through some reports on social media by other media networks, rest there is no conformity on this. Although the popular sports star Julio Urias has not spoken a single word about his love life or his relationship with Daisy Perez in media. He has always been a private person, and never talked much about his private and personal life in public, unlike many other sports stars and film stars.

Although MLB’s official press release states that Julio Perez and Daisy Perez are a couple, the couple themselves haven’t spoken or made it public, so we should wait for the couple makes it public. Until the couple, Julio and Daisy themselves come out and make their relationship public we should refrain from making some assumptions about their relationship. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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