Who is Kenneth Bianchi? Find Out Where is He Now? Check his Mugshot Crime & Charges


Kenneth Bianchi, who was arrested in December 1979, was a renowned brutal and horrendous Felon. Kenneth Bianchi was arrested by the Bellingham Police department, as he was prime accused in the barbaric murder of two Washington University students. The two victim students were identified as Karen Mandic and Diane A Wilder.

Kenneth Bianchi

After his arrest, brutal and tragic information came out, which flabbergasted and shattered everyone. The flabbergasting and shattering information that came out after his arrest was, that he tortured raped, and barbarically murdered 10 other women. This horrendous information shattered and devastated everyone. When this information broke out, everyone was shocked after knowing this tragic news.

Kenneth Bianchi’s horrendous and barbaric crime story was lately telecasted on television. His story was telecasted on Investigation Discovery Channel, on 30 May 2022. The episode was named ‘The Hillside strangers. The episode telecasted the story after the arrest of Kenneth Bianchi. In the episode, it was shown, how Kenneth Bianchi confessed that he tortured, raped, and brutally murdered 10 women from Los Angeles California. You all will be surprised to know that this felon, had a dream to become a cop. Just imagine Kenneth Bianchi as a cop, isn’t it shocking and traumatizing at the same time.

He was presented in court where he pleaded guilty. Although, later he changed his stance from Plead not guilty by insanity. A team of psychiatrists was involved in this case and some reports state that he was suffering from a disassociative identity disorder. The case involved very long discussions and examinations and later the psychiatrists were divided and they were not sure about his real reason for committing such brutal crimes.

His case was very complicated, as he was pronounced ‘retarded’ in the court by some psychiatrists so it was very difficult for a judge to decide. Later he pleaded guilty to the two murders of University students. Currently, he is imprisoned in Washington State Prison. He got married in the year 1989 in the prison Chapel to Shirlee Joyce. Surprisingly, Kenneth and Shirley just met once before their marriage. Although the couple connected through their letters.

Kenneth Bianchi was sentenced to jail till the year 2059, it also depends if he is still alive till that year. Kenneth Bianchi received massive hate and backlash from the public. The episode received a massive amount of trp, according to some reports.  For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.


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