Who Is Kanye West’s Father?


Who Is Kanye West's Father?

Nothing seems to be stopping Ray West, Kanye West’s father, in his charitable pursuits. In fact, just several years ago, Ray helped set up the Good Water foundation in the Dominican Republic “to help victims of prostitution and corruption,” per the Daily Mail. Now, Ray is battling through the most tumultuous of conditions — tropical storms, earthquakes, and rampant crime — to keep the charity alive. We can tell that Ray is doing an amazing job, according to Brenda Bentley (Ray’s ex-girlfriend), in a Daily Mail interview.

“He’s financing the work himself,” Bentley told the outlet on September 27. “He sells purified water and uses the profits to fund projects like healthcare for women,” she added. Moreover, Ray, who lives in a “poverty-stricken neighborhood,” is subject to natural disasters. “[DR gets] shocks from earthquakes there a lot and he said this one shook him up, but that it really didn’t do too much damage,” Bentley spoke about other things in the interview.

The Dominican Republic’s socio-economic climate is also not very positive. Bentley lamented about the “high crime” there, as there is “not a lot of police activity” — effectively putting Ray’s life in danger. “Most people at Ray’s age would put their feet up, but he’s still got his vision,” Bentley said more. What makes this even more impressive is Bentley. Ray, a man who survived prostate cancer, beat the disease in 2018.


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