Who Is John Kevin Woodward? Tech Company CEO Arrested In Laurie Houts Murder Case


One of the most controversial names of all time that kept the authorities bemused has again gained the attention of the netizens. Well, we are discussing John Kevin Woodward who was designated as a CEO associated with ReadyTech. It is being said that he belonged to the LGBTQ community. The CEO had been alleged to the murder charges of his roommate’s girlfriend. The entire incident ensued back in the year 1992 when he was detained by law enforcement. As of now, all the interested people are trying to learn more about the horrific incident. Get more information on ReadyTech CEO John Kevin Woodward’s Net Worth.

John Kevin Woodward

According to the latest reports asserted by the authorities claimed he killed the girlfriend of his roommate. After a gap of around 30 years the case rise to fame once again but still people are quite interested to learn about some of the facts regarding the CEO. As of now, it came to known that he is a homosexual. Some of the people are also interested in whether he is serving in jail or got bail. Netizens are also interested to know about his net worth.

The case emerged before 1990 but due to lack of evidence the case was dropped. Later, a dedicated investigation team had appointed to analyze the complete case. The team fetched some crucial evidence that was later examined in the Santa Clara County crime lab and went on under the supervision of the Mountain View Police Department. At the time the case was going on the entire organization received worldwide attention. The CEO of the organization was in the middle of that huge scandal due to which he had been apprehended by the police department.

While keeping his net worth in mind many people are assuming that he must received bail with the power of his money. Hefty amount of money is being assumed in his back account. After he got arrested by the police authority the entire organization was stunned. In the year 1990 a prosecutor in California said, he was accused of killing his roomie’s partner.

In addition to this, the culprit and the organization as well haven’t let the cat out of the bag. All the crucial information are still unclosed. So, it would be inappropriate to mentioned any unconfirmed information. We will get back to you more information on the matter.


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