Who is Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter Katie Kimmel?


Who is Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter Katie Kimmel?

According to People, Katie Kimmel walked down the aisle with musician Will Logsdon this past Saturday. Katie posted an image of herself from the big day to her Instagram Story, showing off her elegant gown. The designer looked stunning in a white gown with bows along her neckline. At the reception, she wore a rainbow-inspired tiara and tied her dark hair up. Logsdon looked smart in a black suit and bowtie. People documented Jimmy Kimmel and Katie having a dance on Katie’s wedding night.

In an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Jimmy revealed that his daughter was going to get married in a matter of days. “She actually turned 30 two weeks ago, which is strange to have a 30-year-old daughter,” he said, adding, “And she is getting married this weekend, as a matter of fact, which is a big deal.”

“People keep saying congratulations,” Jimmy continued. “I don’t know what I’m being congratulated for. Congratulations on raising a human that is attractive enough to be taken by one person. It’s not like we were trying to get rid of her, you know? It’s not like we’re selling a houseboat on eBay or something like that. But I guess congratulations is the thing.” Logsdon was blessed that his father in law accepted to liking his now-husband.


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