Who Is Jennifer Smith on General Hospital? Age, Instagram, and, more!


\Days of Our Lives Vet Crashes General Hospital’s Memorial for Luke as the Character Who Could Be Sonny’s Undoing, General Hospital is a non-profit organization dedicated to Luke’s Friday memorial was promised a surprise return or two, and boy did they deliver. We believed Helena’s taped appearance would be the end of it, but when an irritated Laura pulled the plug, we began to wonder if there was more. Then, at the very end, Jennifer Smith, a recognizable face to long-time watchers, waltzed in. So, who is this mysterious woman in black who turned up at Luke’s memorial service? For one thing, she was his wife. In a way. But she’s also the daughter of Frank Smith, the ruthless mobster who ruled Port Charles long before Sonny arrived.

Jennifer Smith on General Hospital

Who Is Jennifer Smith on General Hospital?

Luke used to run the Campus Disco as a front for Frank, pursuing the mobster’s daughter, Jennifer, in his early days (originally played by Lisa Marie). Except Luke was unconcerned about Jen’s plight. She was merely a means for him to get over Laura and gain access to contracts for Frank’s non-mob enterprises. Luke was nearly married to Laura until he was attacked by Scotty on their wedding day, feigned death, and fled with Laura. Jennifer, on the other hand, was left in the dust. Given that the wedding was held on a boat, it’s possible that it should be left alone.

Jennifer fled after Frank was killed until Luke and Laura stumbled across her (now played for comic effect by Roseanne) in Atlantic City in 1994. Billy Baggs was her husband at the time. Boggs and his two companions were reduced to minor stealing and flirtation with the Spencers. Jennifer and her husband were threatened with being exposed. Luke and Laura made a hasty retreat from them. Jennifer made her next appearance eight years later when she kidnapped Luke and Laura, and she was played by Sally Struthers this time. Laura’s life was threatened until Luke decided to marry her, and she finally gained her goal.

They were married, but it was void since Luke’s former Campus Disco partner, Roy DiLucca, pretended to be the priest, allowing the Spencers to flee once more. For years, the orphaned crime boss’s daughter vanished, until she enticed Luke and Laura to Canada in 2015, claiming she had kidnapped Lucky. We could tell she was more serious since she was played by Holly Gagnier, who previously played Ivy on Days of Our Lives and Onetime Cassie on One Live to Live.


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