Who Is Erika Hrabec? Is She Having Extramarital Affair With Mark Schlissel?


Erika Hrabec is gathering a significant amount of attention nowadays. Erika is currently designated as an executive assistant and chief administrator to the President of the University of Michigan. As we informed you earlier that she is collecting the headlines across the Internet as it is being said that she is connected with the President. The widely spread rumors are claiming that the executive assistant is engaged in the relationship with the President. Rumors are surfacing all over the Internet. Get more information on Erika Hrabec and her story of an affair with a President named Mark Schlissel.

Erika Hrabec

Earlier, Mark Schlissel was terminated from his position by the University’s authority. As he was found engaged in an extra-marital affair, it proved in the investigation with one of the head employees. Now, the people are getting curious about whom he is about. As of now, Erika’s name is circulating all over on major social media platforms. We have tried our best to fetch the information regarding the chief administrator below.

If we talk more about Erika Hrabec, she is a 58 years old employee working as an executive assistant to the President of the administrator and chief administrator at Michigan University. Her complete name is Erika J Hrabec, and she belonged to New Boston, Michigan. She was appointed by the University back in 1987; she has been serving for the University. She had also been designated Vice President and General Counsel. Unfortunately, not much about her on the Internet reveals her details. Now, she is gaining the people’s attention after the rumors of her illegitimate relationship with the President started surfacing all over the Internet.

Recently, the President was expelled from the position a day earlier, on 15 January 2022. However, he is still working as an executive assistant to the Interim President. She had been married to Sue Coleman. This termination of Schlissel makes these rumorous more certain.

Although rumors haven’t been confirmed officially but only circulating on social media platforms, Schlissel’s wife’s name is Monica Schwebs, an environmentalist and energy lawyer. Monica is also trending online, and people are also searching for her to know more about her. We will get back to you for more information and the latest worldwide updates.


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