Who Is Eminifx CEO Eddy Alexandre? Arrested Check Crime Reports and Charges


Once again, Eminifx CEO “Eddy Alexandre” is coming into the suspicion as his arrest occurred on Thursday, 12th May 2022, and charged with fraud for his alleged operation in a $59 million cryptocurrency pyramid scheme. Yes, you heard right, the concerned authority is bringing the investigation ahead on the basis of suspicion so that, further information could come ahead because as far as his journey is to be concerned, it seems he is holding many issues for a very long. So below you could get the comprehensive details along with some untold facts which are remaining unknown.

Who Is Eminifx CEO Eddy Alexandre

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Federal investigators are investigating the case while unleashing the facts that the New York CEO goes by charges of his exploit in cryptocurrency fraud. Since the news of his detention came into the limelight, uncounted reactions have come out from the side of those, who are familiar with him as he is popularly known as an Eminifx CEO. He commenced and ran EminiFX on September of ultimate 12, and just in a very short time period, the actions have been made by the concerned authority while taking him into custody.

Who Is EminiFX CEO Eddy Alexendre?

Reportedly, Eddy Alexandre is a quite prestigious personality along with the founder and CEO of EminiFX, a cryptocurrency and the worldwide alternate shopping for and promoting platform. He hails from New York, Valley Stream, and from the same place he completed his studies and further accomplishments. Inclouding these, he has 30 years of expertise in cybersecurity but not be an IT expert at WarnerMedia. He promised merchants that they would get the double money of their amount in just 5 months along with 5% returns. But spontaneously the entire circumstance overturned upside down which had not even been supposed by anyone, and therefore, the issue has been started taking a different face.

If the further reports are to be considered, so after making the misleading ensures on the basis of reference to teh EminiFX shopping for and publicizing outlet. Alexandre solicited higher than $59 million in assistance from the whole lost if precise individual person folks. So here, we have mentioned such pieces of information which have been derived from the other sources, and when more will come out we will update you for sure. Because still, a few are pending to ve revealed therefore, you will have to wait a bit ahead to know more, as a few reports are still delivering the further details.


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