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Divya spandana popularly known as Ramya is a popular actress and former politician from the Indian National Congress party. Divya has been a prominent personality in the Tamil film industry. Lately, she has been making headlines and creating a lot of buzz on social media after she tweeted about the political party which earlier she was associated with. She is making headlines and buzzes after she got massively trolled by Congress party leaders on social media. Divya and congress party’s Twitter war is grabbing the massive attention of the netizens on social media currently.


Divya posted a thread of tweets in which she alleged and accused the office of the Indian national congress of maligning her image in public. Divya was the head of the social media department of the Indian National Congress. Lately, there was big breaking news which stated that Divya Spandana Duped Rs 8 crore from the Congress party before she quit her position in the party. This news was stirring up a lot of heat on social media lately, due to that Divya posted those thread of tweets on 12 May 2022.

She took to her official Twitter account and stated that she didn’t take Rs 8 crore and ran away from the party. She stated all these stories which are floating in the media and on social media are baseless and have no relation to reality. She stated accused the Congress party leaders of spreading this fake information and news to malign her image in the public. She also stated that now she regrets why she kept mum for so long after leaving the party. She stated that she shouldn’t have been mum when she resigned from the party, she should have released her opinion, so that these baseless rumors would have not started.

Divya continued and stated that she left the party due to personal reasons. She also claimed that all the big leaders just used her as an opportunity and backstabbed her. She bashed all her colleagues from the congress party. She also praised the Congress head Rahul Gandhi and stated, that only Rahul Gandhi was the only person in the Congress party who always supported her and encouraged her for doing her best. Currently, these tweets by her are creating a massive buzz on social media and many other senior congress leaders are also tweeting on this and giving their take on it. For all the latest national and international updates and news stay tuned with us.


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