Who is Daniel Bouaziz? Florida Art Dealer Sold fake Basquiat and Banksy Paintings Check Images Pictures


Daniel Elie Bouaziz, the 68 years old artist who is the owner of two art galleries located on Palm Beach’s exclusive Worth Avenue currently receiving enormous attention after alleged fraud and laundering of monetary instruments charges. It is being claimed by the law authority that the French man was selling fake paintings of some of the immensely popular artists and buyers are recklessly buying paintings. Federal prosecutors accused the owner of Danieli Fine Art Galery and Galerie Daniel of vending fake paintings of Jean-Michael Basquiat, and Ray Lichtenstein. Get more information on who is Daniel Elie Bouaziz alleged for selling fake paintings.

Daniel Bouaziz

According to the reports, he bought fake paintings at low rates and selling them forward at higher prices making his buyers fool. All the paintings he sold carried forged signatures and documents. He even stated bogus statements regarding the history of the ownership and documentation of the originality of the art, the entire information has been released by federal prosecutors on behalf of the report by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. They even described one of the deals of the owner wherein he bought a painting that costs him $100 and sold at a whopping price of $85,000 to a bamboozled customer.

In addition to this, he purchased another painting for $600 and sold it for $120,000, the information disclosed by a court paper lodged in Florida. He said that the accused man used this money to buy luxury for him including a Lamborghini, a Rolex watch, and Cartier Jewelry. The authority revealed that the owner of the Art Gallery is a French citizen who was originally belonged to Algerian descent. It informed ahead that he trapped a total of six customers and sold them fake paintings in exchange for a hefty amount.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that investigating team is supervising his activities for the last year after some patrons informed them about his misconduct. Later, for solid evidence officials visited the store and found a bogus Warhol from him that cost them $26,000 and also cracked another deal of $22 million before he was detained by the officers last week.

Officers who arrested Bouaziz even recorded their conversations with Bouaziz that were later released during his hearing in the court. As per the reports the culprit served 20 years of imprisonment along with a thousand dollars fine. However, the case hasn’t concluded so far as the attorney of the gallerist claims that his client is honest.


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