Who Is Bailey Simic And What Happened To Her? Mark Simic Going To Jail Story To Air On ABC 20/20


Bailey Simic, this name got quite popular on social media lately. You all must be wondering, who is Bailey Simic and how she got popular on social media lately. So in today’s article, we will be covering all the details about Bailey Simic. Bailey Simic got popularised on social media lately as her story was showcased on ABC. Since her story got showcased on ABC she is getting a lot of buzz.

Who Is Bailey Simic And What Happened To Her? Mark Simic Going To Jail Story On ABC 20/20

Bailey Simic is the daughter of Mark, who was convicted by the court and was sent to jail. Bailey and her stepmother Rebecca’s relationship is the main thing that is getting massive public attention. Bailey was Mark and her first wife’s daughter. Rebecca was her nanny and she used to take care of her as an infant. Bailey’s biological mother died when she was barely 3 months old. After her mother passed away, Mark Appointed Rebecca for taking care of her daughter Bailey. Rebecca was very amazing in taking care good care of Bailey.

Who Is Bailey Simic?

Soon after some time, love blossomed between, Mark and Rebecca. Mark and Rebecca fell in love with each other just in a very short time, she started working there. Rebecca and Mark got married and he became Bailey’s stepmom. Although, nothing changed between Rebecca and Bailey, although Rebecca’s love and affection for Bailey just increased more. Rebecca loved and cared for Bailey just like her own daughter.

Later Rebecca and Mark had their babies together. But still, nothing changed between Rebecca and Bailey. She loved Bailey more than her other kids as she considered Bailey her first child. Bailey too was very kind and loving towards her siblings growing up. The Simic family was living happily until Mark was framed with felony charges. Mark was convicted by the court and was sent to jail for serving his punishments. As soon as Mark got convicted, Rebecca took all her kids and ran away from her house, and moved to Kentucky.

Rebecca didn’t waste her time, and in no time moved to Kentucky. She left her old home and city, to forget the horrendous felony committed by her husband. She wanted to give her children a nice life and a peaceful childhood. She didn’t want any of her child face bullyings because of the misdeeds their father committed. She gave her children a nice life in Kentucky all away from the misdeeds of her husband. Her kids are proud of their mother. Bailey is often seen sharing pictures of her siblings and stepmom on social media. She is often seen posting funny and loving mother-daughter pictures with her stepmom Rebecca. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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