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A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines about Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury that the two have broken up recently after Charles’s fling went to the light. This news has been going viral on the internet right now. All their fans are shocked after getting the information. Lauren is going through a tough time after knowing about Charles’ fling with Amy. However, Amy herself revealed about her fling with Charles Drury. Now, their fans want to know what exactly happened between the couple. In this article, we will give you all the details about their break-up.

Amy Gilbert

Who is Amy Gilbert?

According to the reports, Lauren Goodger has broken up with Charles Drury. Yes, you read it right that the former TOWIE star is no longer with Katie Price’s ex Charles. She is not living with him in her Essex home since his fling with Amy has come to light. It has been reported that Charles bedded Amy Gilbert in her short-term separation from Lauren Goodger in the year 2021. As a result, Lauren kicked him out after getting to know about his fling with Amy Gilbert.

Amy Gilbert: Age and Instagram

An insider told the glossy magazine that Laurent was heartbroken when she knew about Charles’ fling with Amy. She was furious at him and was unable to understand how he could do this with his family. After learning his fling, she asked him to leave. However, Lauren shared a daughter with him, whose name is Larose. The news of Charles and Lauren’s separation came when the Instagram model Amy revealed about her fling with Charles.

Amy Gilbert

Amy Gilbert Amy Gilbert Amy Gilbert

She revealed that she began noticing Charles after his separation from Lauren last year. She said that they both connected and after he broke into her Instagram DMs and went to meet her for sex at his East London Home. She said that she and Charles spent the whole weekend together before he went to patch-up with his ex, Lauren.

She told The Sun that they were missing for a couple of days, and then he asked her to meet him in a local place where he was living, and she did so. She added, “I slept with him on that night, it was quite intense first of; it then he asked to see me again the following day. I then went and met him again.”  She said, later, she went to Lauren’s place and talked to her “woman to woman” and told her everything that happened between them when she got to know about their reconciliation.


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