WHO declared Ebola outbreak in Congo as International Emergency

Ebola’s virus doesn’t seem to be stopping any sooner, it has a firm presence over the world’s demography and it is only adding to it’s footmarks by making its presence felt in many countries especially African countries.

The latest victim of Ebola is The Republic of Cong WHO has declared Congo as a victim of International Emergency. Only after it has impacted 1600 lives in Congo.

The very first casualty was confirmed last week in Goma, which is one of the major regional crossroads in northeastern Congo on the Rwandan border. After that casualties started to appear from different parts of the country, and the death count is increasing exponentially, the WHO doctors are trying to contain the virus by trying to separate infected people from the rest of the people, but evidently they haven’t got any success as of now.

ebola virus

Science is still looking for a to the point cure of this virus, but I’m afraid to say that it hasn’t succeeded as of now. Ebola has a mortality conversion rate of a disappointing 90%.

Ebola unlike any other virus spreads through sexual contact and spread of bodily fluids or direct contact with an infected patient. This provides the reason behind its widespread occurrence in developing countries like Congo. Once it enters the body of the victim it starts to replicate numbers, thick and fast. It attacks the antibodies of the body which decreases the resistance of the body to fight the virus.

The cure for Ebola is still not found this is the biggest problem for the scientists around the globe. The little one can do is to try to increase the immunity and stay away from infected people as much as you can. However, there’s a ray of hope scientists in an experiment where they carry on blood transfusions to make the immune system stronger and exposing the body to strong antigens, which weaken the virus. Found that it is actually working, this method is still under trial, but we can expect that the good news is round the corner.


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