Which Year was Kenya Moore crowned Miss USA?


Which Year was Kenya Moore crowned Miss USA?

Kenya Moore has clearly done a lot when it comes to her career and that includes winning the title of Miss USA in 1993, according to Bravo. Kenya, who was competing in Miss Michigan pageant, charmed everyone with her genuine answers and charming personality.

For instance, when asked what she thought the judges saw in her, she simply admitted, “I think the judges can look into my eyes and see my heart and know that I’m a sincere person.” That may have been true as Kenya earned the crown. While talking about what the moment meant to hear during an interview with the “Steve TV Show,” Kenya explained that she still considers it to be her “greatest accomplishment.” She also noted that was due to the fact that she was only the second Black woman to win the competition.

Because of that and beyond that, Kenya told “Behind the scenes Beauty w/ D.M.” that she hopes that she both inspired others and “opened doors” by winning Miss USA. She later celebrated a historic moment she may have helped to create.


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