Where Were The Infamous Scenes From YOU Season 3 Shot?


YOU is certainly a must-watch commendable series. The series is about a poisonous person who goes far for affection and the series improves with season 2 and trust improves with season 3 as well. Yessssss season 3 of this dreadful interesting series is coming on 15 October 2021 just on NETFLIX. 


Season 3 will proceed with the storyline of Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn’s (Victoria Pedretti) relationship and congrats are all together as Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn are authoritatively guardians. 

On Friday september 17, Netflix posted the trailer for YOU’s third season, and it is transparent  from the trailer that we are on the craziest and most stunning ride up until now. 

Where Were The Infamous Scenes From YOU Season 3 Shot?

We will see Joe keep on rehashing his previous practices when he experiences his pristine fixation, Joe and Love’s neighbor, Natalie (played by Michael McManus), who we previously met compactly toward the finish of the last season and that is clear since, in such a case that Joe would be equipped for abandoning his old propensities there would not be a season 3. 

From the trailer we can’t remark much on Natalie’s person with the exception of the way that she is fruitful both expertly and socially. She additionally has a fruitful spouse who is a President (character played by Scott Speedmam). Joe looks exceptionally quick to discover increasingly more with regards to her.Prepare to observe Joe and Love to the area on fifteenth October 2021. 

YOU Season 3 shooting 

The second period of the frightening yet spine chiller hits the screen on 26 december 2019, and keeping in mind that going for season the pandemic comes into the image and the shooting got suspended for a very long time and continued in february 2021. 

Cast individuals in the impending season

A great deal of new individuals will show up in the new season. The faces we think about are  Scott Speedman , who plays the spouse of Natalie we have effectively referenced that above. 

Tati Gabrielle joins the cast as Marienne and she will assume the part of the custodian who lives in Joe and Love’s area. 

Next we have Dylan Arnold who will play Theo, an understudy. His authority character depiction adds: “Theo is astute and knowing, yet frail and upset, with a propensity to get screwed up in his loved ones concerns and to choke out his own in controlled substances and unsafe lead.” 

Shannon Cahn-Kent who plays KiKi and KiKi’s better half Brandon (played by Christopher Sean) Chris O’Shea plays Andrew she is somewhat of a local tattle sort of a woman and his significant other Jackson, that will be played by Bryan Safi. We are as yet not finished with the fresh out of the plastic new cast Saffron Tunnels who is an english entertainer and model will play Dottie Quinn, Love’s mom NCIS’s Shalita Award will play Sherry who is by all accounts reasonable yet is actually a mean young woman who simply claims to welcome Love into her group of friends. 

Scott Michael Empower plays Ryan, who has his own course of action of dull insider realities he keeps stowed away. He’s a close by columnist similarly as single parent who once had obsession issues. The Last Boat’s Travis Van Winkle’s plays Cary, a charming and princely self proclaimed coordinator who runs his own upgrade association. 


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