Where Can I Watch Marry Me Movie?


Valentine’s week was filled with all sorts of mushy movies and series, one such movie was Marry Me. However, this is a recent movie that is based on a graphic novel of the same name. The novel was written by Bobby Crosby. Anyway, the movie is the perfect watch if you just want to chill with your partner with a romcom. This modern rom-com feels like a dream, and you can also watch the movie with your friends or family even. Now you might be interested to watch the movie and wonder to yourself where can I watch Marry Me movie?

This is a feel-good movie that anyone would enjoy. Moreover, the movie has got mixed reactions from the audience and critics. Before the movie was released, people were expecting that perhaps the movie will reach heights as it has Jennifer Lopez as the main character. However, the movie’s plot seemed to be too generic, and perhaps that’s the reason why the movie failed to create a huge impact on screen. Hence, the movie is safely considered to be one of those feel-good movies that cannot make it a hit among the audience in theaters but will be watched by people for quite some time.

Where Can I Watch Marry Me Movie?

Well, if you are in hurry to watch the movie and cannot find out where it is. You might be asking where can I watch Marry Me movie? Well, we can give you the answer. The movie was released in theaters on February 9 all over the USA. However, if you want to watch it on some OTT platforms, then there is only one platform where you can watch the movie. It’s available on Peacock. Hence, you can get a subscription to the OTT platform and enjoy the other shows and movies in Peacock.

Where Can I Watch Marry Me Movie?
A scene from the movie.

The movie has not yet been sold to the other live streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. Therefore, until the production company and Universal Pictures want to distribute the movie to the other companies, until then, we cannot get the movie on other streaming websites. Hence, if you are interested to watch the movie, then we would recommend you to catch the movie in theatres, otherwise, you can watch the movie on Peacock. Otherwise, you can wait for the movie to come on other OTT platforms.


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