Where and How to watch Morbius online free at home


Morbius, the upcoming installment in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters set to hit theaters on January 28, 2022. You can watch it now for free here.

Morbius is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Morbius. The Living Vampire, which Columbia Pictures, in association with Marvel, is releasing. Michael Morbius suffers from a rare blood disease. He pursues a dangerous curse that will turn him into a vampire in the upcoming movie.

Morbius stars Jared Leto as the titular, blood-hungry anti-hero. The film, directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House, Life), is expected to hit theaters on January 28, 2022. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Here’s everything we know so far about Morbius, the origins of the comic books, and whether the living vampire will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We mean this sincerely: the answer to the latter may surprise you.

Where and How to watch Morbius online free at home

Morbius Release Date And Where To Watch It

“Morbius” was initially set to be released in July 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. It was originally delayed to March 2021, followed by another delay to October 2021. But once “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” was pushed back to an October release date, “Morbius” was pushed back to next year and currently has a release date of January 28, 2022. It’s not clear how long the movie will be in theaters exclusive, but no announcement has been made about a shortened release window yet.

After hitting theaters, “Morbius” will be part of a new deal Sony Pictures has signed with Netflix, making their streaming library the exclusive home of the comic book movie for the first streaming window after it arrives on home video. That’s usually 18 months, after which the film will then shift to Disney, where it will be sent to Hulu and various cable networks.

Where and How to watch Morbius online free at home

What is Morbius?

“Morbius” is the latest Marvel Comics movie produced and distributed by Sony Pictures. However, since the character falls under the list of properties included in their ownership of Spider-Man comics, this movie appears to be outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But with rumors of “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” potentially building some bridge to Tom Holland’s “Spider-Man” franchise in the MCU, that could easily change by the time “Morbius” is released.

In Marvel Comics, Morbius started as one of Spider-Man’s many horror-inspired villains in “The Amazing Spider-Man #101.” After attempting to cure a rare blood disease with a risky biochemical experiment, scientist Michael Morbius accidentally imbues himself with pseudo-vampiric superhuman abilities and physical abilities, including an insatiable thirst for blood.

And so he becomes Morbius, the living vampire. But after coming into contact with Spider-Man, Morbius became a tragic anti-hero coping with his complicated circumstances and facing several supernatural threats, not to mention characters like Blade the Vampire Hunter, Ghost Rider, and Man-Thing.

Now Sony Pictures is giving Morbius the Living Vampire, its feature film, but its debut will be without Spider-Man. Instead, the film focuses on his inherited vampiric abilities and the struggles that come with them, which probably include dealing with another creature suffering from pseudo-vampirism.

What are Morbius’ powers?

Where and How to watch Morbius online free at home

With his mutated state, Morbius must drink blood to survive, but he also gained the ability to fly, superhuman strength, super speed, and accelerated healing.

His appearance became much more hideous, with his upper canines growing into sharp canines, his nose flattened to resemble that of a bat, and his skin turned ghost white.

He also gained the ability to turn others into similar “living vampires” as himself by biting them and drinking their blood. Then, in a cruel twist, his blood is found to heal those who become “living vampires” in this way, but Morbius himself is unaffected by the cure.

How does Morbius fit into the Marvel universe?

Morbius is located in the supernatural realm of the Marvel universe that includes Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, Man-Wolf, Ghost Rider, Blade, Satana, and Son of Satan.

While Morbius is not a true hero, he is not the villain he was initially portrayed as; instead, he acted as an anti-hero making his way to his kind of justice.

As a member of Legion of Monsters and the Midnight Sons, Morbius has battled many mysterious villains from the Marvel U.

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Who is Morbius in the Marvel movies?

While the actual Morbius movie is still a few months away, the original teaser trailer gave several clues as to how Jared Leto’s character fits into the Marvel movies – both the Sony Pictures and Marvel Characters universe of Venom and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the new promo clip appears to be doubling the plague on Morbius’ MCU connections.

Sony Pictures has kept Morbius close to his comic book origins, from his blood disease and appearance to his Nobel Prize achievements in his work as a biochemist. And just like in comic books, Morbius is not a real vampire, but a “scientific” vampire with skills gathered through experiments with a rare form of a bat.

The main thing that seems to be missing is the role of other Marvel characters in its origins, most notably the Lizard and Spider-Man. That said, two critical elements in the Morbius teaser trailer show that unprecedented entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the Sony movie.


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