When is Jared Leto’s Morbius release date?


MARVEL studios have put out some of the Marvel series franchise’s most notable films at the box office.

Morbius, the latest movie from Marvel, will star Jared Leto, who plays a scientist turned vampire.

Marvel's latest film, Morbius is set to hit theaters come spring 2022


Marvel’s latest film, Morbius, is set to hit theaters come spring 2022Credit: YouTube.

When is the Morbius release date?

The film was set to be released on January 28, 2022, but Sony has again pushed the release date.

CNN reported that the film will now be released in the spring on April 1, 2022.

There have been multiple release dates pushed back, CNN reported.

Morbius was first set to premiere in July 2020, then March 2021, and then October 2021.

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It is unclear why the studio has pushed back the release date several times.

What is Morbius about?

Marvel’s Morbius stars Leto, attempting to cure a rare blood disease, but when an experiment goes awry, he turns into a vampire.

The experiment involves working with DNA from bats, leading to vampirism.

Although it is not yet clear which Marvel world Morbius is set in, in the first trailer, Leto’s character is seen walking past the graffiti art of Spider-Man.

Jared Leto in the trailer for Morbius walking by a graffiti art of Spider-Man


Jared Leto in the trailer for Morbius walking by a graffiti art of Spider-ManCredit: YouTube

What have people said about Morbius?

Some fans took to Twitter to write about their fan theories for the film and its association with Spider-Man.

“DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER WHEN ANDREW WAS TALKING ABOUT? “I stopped pulling my punches” WHAT IF… OH MY GOD,” one user wrote.

The tweet was accompanied by images from the trailer that contained possible Spider-Man connections.

“There is NO way his story is done. He talked about how he didn’t have many villains, how he felt lame, and how he didn’t feel complete. Sony is setting something HUGE up. I think Andrew is coming back,” the same user said in a separate tweet.

One user was teased about the release of Morbius, which was postponed several times.

“venom 3 is gonna come out beforeMorbiuss,” they wrote.


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