WhatsApp Starts Rolling Out Frequently Forwarded Messages Feature

WhatsApp faced some intense criticism when it was held as the prime medium of exchange of fake news, reports made it quite evident that most of the fake news was spread through forwarding them on different groups on WhatsApp.

Living up to their promise which they made regarding doing something to curb such practices, WhatsApp has introduced a feature that will list out the frequently forwarded messages feature on to its platform.

WhatsApp is the second most used social networking platform after its parent company Facebook. It is their duty to look into the matters that are affecting the users the most. Reportedly the Indian Government asked the company to look into the matter of mass spread of fake news through their platform, and WhatsApp has responded sincerely and came up with this unique yet effective feature.

WhatsApp Starts Rolling Out Frequently Forwarded Messages Feature

The detailed working of the frequently forwarded message feature.

As soon as any user attempt to forward any message received by him, WhatsApp will show you a notification with double arrow highlighted in gray color. This feature will not trigger for each forwarded message, it will notify you only the messages that are forwarded many times in a loop before.

The users won’t be able to witness the actual number of times the message is forwarded earlier.

There is still no clarity on the fact that whether a Frequently Forwarded’ label instead of a ‘Forwarded’ label will highlight on the left corner of any message that has been forwarded vigorously.

When will the updated version be released?

The update containing this feature is still in the work in progress stage, there might be a possibility that some of you have received this update. For those who haven’t received it as yet, there’s nothing to worry about you will soon receive the update.

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