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WhatsApp Is About To Break UP With These Android Phones And iPhones in This Valentine Month

The most popular and revolutionary messaging app WhatsApp is about to stop support for Android version 4.0.3, otherwise known as Ice-cream Sandwich and iOS 9 and other older versions of these two operating systems. So, maybe this is a good time to upgrade your device if you do not want to go back to the medieval age of sending messages.

It is a freeware, that has been providing cross-platform messaging and voice over IP (VoIP) service since its arrival in 2009. It allows clients to send text messages, voice clips, video clips, images, documents along with voice calls and video calls. The client application was created by WhatsApp Inc. of MountainIn 2014 It went through an ownership change as Mark Zuckerberg run Facebook bought it and took it under its wings.

As the records show, a very little percentage of all the Android smartphone users around the planet use a version as old as the ice-cream sandwich and more than 91 percent of all iOS devices run on iOS 12 or above already. It is hence no news that a very very small portion of the users uses the ones that will no longer have the support.

This measure taken by WhatsApp may and will help in improving its service by providing more security and end to end encryption to its users. As data privacy is a big issue in today’s world, this step will surely help in avoiding data theft by improving the patches that are not available with old devices.

Akshay Varma
Akshay Varma is a senior Journalist with Mass Media Communications Degree from Aurora Degree College. He writes mostly on Movies and Trending Topics


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